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Hi ...i'm alex and i'm from johor...hope to be friends with and your cavy/cavies too


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Cavy Slave
Nov 26, 2011
i want to have a pair of cavies at home..
but parents won't let me buy unless i can find the cage and supply items
so i'm looking for cages and GP('s)
tq for the help^^
Hi Alexander! Welcome to the site! I noticed you said buy a pig. Have you considered adopting a pig from a local shelter or rescue? Do more research about adopting a pig(s) and also about proper care and habitat and present it to your parents. Maybe then they will be more willing to consider your wishes. Good luck and this site has loads of info and people with even more info for personal experience.
Hi and Welcome! There is tons of information on here to help you learn about piggies and cool cages.
Hi Kelly91513^^
ya..i wanted to adopt the cute little piggies but i don think we have a place to adopt them
i searched the internet and i found out that the SPCA in malaysia and singapore don have any piggies there...
Welcome to the site! Glad that your family is into the idea of having a pet. If you can't find pigs in shelters you can still ask them to inform you if by chance they receive some. Try breeders or ask vets, they usually know people who have healthy pigs! :)
ya, thanks for the reply pandaloki^^
but,still most of the breeders or vets that have cute little piggies are in selangor,kl..
which my parents won't let me go so far to get some piggies
Ask piggies to come to you, hehehehehehe :D
that is impossible!!
because the temperate in Malaysia will cook them if they are on the streets!!!
nooooo. I mean ask breeders or anyone to transport them to you in an air-conditioned car :p
ya...i know that...well i'm just joking~
Maybe in local newspaper? People needing to their piggies to be adopted due to changed circumstances, or unplanned pregnancy?
well..(broken link removed) , thanks for the post but our local newspaper don't have this type of ads or i never seen it b4~
Oh okay. Where I live they are in the newspaper and online amongst other local adverts about furniture, yard work, jobs, etc.
ya we also have that..but we here don't have an ad for piggies because the malays here think all rodents,dogs,pigs,piggies are animals that are not haram (haram=not clean =>cannot touch or eat)
some people are going the distance until they say that the picture is also not haram
Oh wow, I didn't know that. That's an interesting thing.
ya..and it is annoying me...
i'm here asking everybody who is a breeder in Malaysia???
Alexander, we are a pro-rescue, anti-breeding and anti-purchase forum. No one here will recommend a breeder to you. I realize that you don't have the shelters and rescues that we do here, but if you keep looking, you should be able to find a guinea pig that needs a home.
i'm asking all my friends and all the groups in FB
and thanks for the reply^^
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