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Hi! I got a few questions


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Jan 18, 2012
Hey everyone,
I am the proud new owner of two Guinea pigs, Bella and Trixie. I had a few questions about their behavior. I have had them for almost a month now. Bella is the dominant one. She is often rumbling at Trixie and mounting her. It is quite often. Trixie will run away but Bella always goes after her. The weird thing is that the only times I have seen them popcorn is when they are chasing each other. Sometimes they will share food, and other times they will fight over it, esp. if it is fresh veggies. I actually noticed a cut on Trixie's nose the other day! Trixie has a head tilt, I was told when I adopted her that her previous owners did not treat her when she got sick and that is why she has a head tilt. Is this true? Also, I was wondering about mites. They will often scratch themselves, but I have checked, and their coat is fine and their skin is clear, so could they just be itchy?
Trixie is the one sticking her nose in the camera Bella is the light brown one
Hi! I got a few questionsHi! I got a few questions
If they are scratching often, it could be mites, despite the lack of dry skin. I would take Trixie to the vet, as she could have an inner ear infection causing the head tilt.

How certain are you of their sexes?
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