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Hi I am new :)


Cavy Slave
Feb 24, 2012
Hello I am Brittney but you can call me Brit or Britters :). Me and my best friend Calea both made accounts on here cause we are loving moms to guinea pigs :). She has two with babies on the way and I just have my one. I am 17 and getting ready to graduate high school and I go to a tech school for vet science so I know my way around animals. I do have a question. I am wanting to make my own cage for him. How am I to do this? Can someone gives me tips or a link to somewhere that could help me? I also have a cat, 3 dogs, African Grey, 2 sugar gliders with a baby on the way. I love animals! My piggys name is Frederick Nicholas Christian but I call him Freddy. He is black and light brown with white tips. His sister belongs to my best friend.
Well, you've come to the right place for guinea pig tips.

The C&C cage is the predominant cage for a lot of reasons. This is a cage built from grids (organizing cubes) and coroplast (the stuff they make signs out of). Check out the "cages store" section to get an idea of what these cages are about and why they are so great. You can also check out other members' cages in the photos section.

This is the place you can also ask a lot of questions and learn a lot about guinea pig care. My pigs would still be living in store bought cages, with pellet mixes, yogurt treats, honey sticks, terrible Kaytee hay, etc if it wasn't for this site. I've learned a lot since I joined almost 3 years ago.
Thanks so much!! I am always willing to learn!! I have two breeding Sugar Gliders that has a baby in the pouch so I am use to being a slave to my animals lol. He is in a cage that is from a store but that is until I learn more about making him a cage. I give him fresh veggies but also pellet mix. What is wrong with pellets? My gliders are on a HBW diet so fresh fruits and veggies every night. Is there a diet he should be on? Also I am looking into getting a female or maybe another little boy but I am worried he won't get along with a new pig cause he is very moody and mean to other guineas. I mostly think its because he is so bonded to me if that makes since. Any help with that?
Pellets should be just plain pellets. With the mixes, the pellets are the important part of the mix but they tend to pick around the pellets to get to the seeds, nuts, fruit pieces, etc that are also in the mix. So they are missing out on the part with the nutrients in it.

How old is your pig? That will determine what kind of diet he is on.
Freddy is a year old. He was born December 23. This food is what came with him same with the cage it was all free. He came from my lab and my teacher doesnt always take the best cage of her animals there.
Hi, welcome to the forum?

How old is your pig? And have you ever tried to introduce him to another pig before?

Guinea pigs don't need much sugar in their diets -- fruit is just an occasional treat, and not much of it, at that. They need long strand grass hay all the time, plus a cup or so of fresh veggies, and plain timothy pellets (alfalfa pellets if they're young, pregnant or nursing). Read the "read me" sticky in the diet and nutrition forum for more information on what they can have. They need vitamin C, which their bodies can't make. Bell peppers are an excellent source of that.
He is a year old. He was with his brother and dad in a small cage before I got him. And his brother and dad use to attack him and he couldnt eat or anything cause they was so mean to him. So I took him home for a break and fell in love with him and he is never in his cage when im home. My neighbor who is 7 has a male who is like 2 or 3 I think. I just know he is older than Freddy and Freddy attacked him which is odd cause with me he is super sweet. He dont even like my mom touching him.
Dec 23 of 2010, then? Okay, so he is full on adult. He should get 1/8 cup of plain pellets every day. I keep a measuring cup next to the pellets so I can measure them out easily. Make sure the pellets are timothy (not alfalfa). Alfalfa is much higher in calcium than timothy and can cause kidney stones in adult pigs.

He should get 1 cup of veggies (including lettuce) daily. I do two 1/2 cup meals for my pigs. Most lettuce is okay. Romaine should be given in moderation and avoid iceberg lettuce. It is mostly water and can cause diarrhea in pigs.

This nutrition/diet chart should help you in choosing which foods to feed. I have a copy printed out and I like to take it with me when I go produce shopping for my pigs.

Yes Dec 23 of 2010 he is his two sister and other brother were born at my house almost Christmas babies. Thank you soo much!! I am going food shopping here soon since my other animals need food.
I have another question. Do your pigs get really attached to you guys? Cause when I leave and have to put Freddy up he like cry and run around in his cage.
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You mentioned looking into getting him a friend. I would hold off until you are able to make the C&C cage. Trying to put two animals into a petstore cage is likely to cause some fighting and probably was the cause of the fighting you mentioned in your post.

Also, once you have the C&C cage built, and are ready for him to have a friend, search petfinder to adopt a male friend or have him neutered if you want a female to keep him company.
I was going to wait until I made him a bigger cage first. And my next pay check he and Gremlin, my sugar glider are getting both neutered plus my best friend Calea is getting her male neutered too. Cause I do want a little female. I think that could have been why they was fighting but Freddy is so much smaller than his brother and dad I think they was just gaining up on him. He was the smallest of the four babies his mom had.
I believe the wait time after neutering, to assure no leftover "woops" is 2 weeks but those with more experience having neutered males would have a better idea. It just means no female contact for that time period after the procedure.
Alrighty. Do your pigs get really attached to you guys? Cause when I leave and have to put Freddy up he like cry and run around in his cage.
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