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Hi Guys!


Cavy Slave
Jul 17, 2011
Hi there,
I'm Brian. I've been lurking around this forum for quite a while and I just now got brave enough to post something. I'm shy lol.

I have 3 boys, Gizmo, Stan and Ollie. They're awesome piggies even though sometimes it's a lot like having 3 two year olds running around in an enclosed space. Actually, it's a lot like that...lol. All 3 of them are from the same litter so they're almost 5 months old.
If I can ever get them to hold still long enough I'll post pictures lol.

My one question here is...is it normal for them to burrow under their fleece? They have tunnels and a house and several things like that, but at least 3 times a day (I work from home) I have to go in and straighten their cage. Just today I cleaned their cage (which is always a massively traumatizing event for them. Their poor lives are just so rough...or at least that's what they want me to think :) ) and no more than 15 minutes later they'd managed to completely destroy their cage, food bowls turned over, fleece everywhere. I swear I was ready to start looking for toys crammed under the bed.

Anyway, HI! When I was getting ready to get my boys I spent a lot of time here reading about various things. It really helped me make a better decision about things. I'd had 2 boys previously that I inherited from friends who were moving, but unfortunately both of them died. That took me a while to get over. And to this day I still screw up and call the boys either Lenny or Squiggy.

I think I shall now go back to traumatizing my pigs with some lap time. Really, their lives are so hard... :)
hello :)
I have three guinea pigs to :)
To answer your question, yes it is normal
My baby guinea pig who is 3 1/2 months old does this also. She actually enjoys sleeping down there to.
If you dont like them messing it up you can do what i do. just take a blanket and lay it in there in a ball like form. My guinea pigs lay on top of it burrow under it and even like to hide there veggies in it as a supprise for me later. :)

have fun traumatizing your piggies :p
I have two out of seven that are diggers. I have fleece pads in my cages and the ones that dig pull up a section with their mouth and then burrow. I strategically put a gallon water jug where the fleece meets in the middle of the cage. Not only did they stop digging, they love the water jug and sleep next to it. They could easily pull up the fleece on the sides or across from where the jug is, but they don't. It made me wonder if digging is just due to boredom and the jug is keeping them busy and entertained.
:-O a blanket! That's a great idea! I'm going to have to find something like that so that they have something to dig under and hopefully they'll leave the fleece alone. All 3 of my boys like to sleep under there. Although, it may be mean, but it is kinda fun on occasion to poke the fleece and see who squeaks. I always know when I've found Stan lol.
Oh that's a good idea too. I'd wondered if they were just digging because they were bored as well. They have toys, but for the most part they tend to get ignored. Usually they'd rather play with (ok, eat) the box.
I bet your cage is super exciting too! Would love to see it too! (in the process of re-doing my cage so I love looking at other peoples to get ideas)
I bet your cage is super exciting too! Would love to see it too! (in the process of re-doing my cage so I love looking at other peoples to get ideas)

LOL if I can ever keep it clean long enough I'll try to get some pics. I'm in the middle of trying to get a bigger cage. The one I have was great when they were 2 months old, but my oldest daughter left one Friday and she was convinced that when she came back on Sunday evening that they'd grown.
I think she's right. My boys are getting big lol. So...time for a new home.
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