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Hi from a Texan stuck in Cali!


Cavy Slave
Apr 9, 2012
Haha interesting subject line?

Hi everyone! I'm new to here and I'm going to say new to piggies as well. I had one for 6 years when I was younger but I dont remember much about her except she was a talker! I do remember a bit about how we cared for her, all of which is a no no now! We got two guineas pigs from Petsmart, I had no idea there was adoptions for them or I would have done that! I rescued dachshunds, and my parents rescue dachshunds still, don't know why i didn't think to look at adoptions! ...anyways... We got two little "girls", and I did some research online that night (Friday) and found this site. Saw the C&c cages and the next morning I went out to buy all the supplies to build one. we don't have that much room though so I made a 5 ft long 14" wide and 5 ft tall cage for them. Is that enough room?
Just pretend you are in Austin. lol

5 foot long is a good length but the cage should be at least two grids wide or 28" to give the guinea pigs enough room to really run and maneuver around each other.

Since you got your precious piggies at a pet store double check and make sure they really are both girls and keep a sharp eye out for any URI symptoms since that is very common in pet store piggies.

We would love to see pictures of your little girls and their cage!
Welcome to the Forum! Ditto @Inle_Rabbit, The cage should be ad least 2 grids (28") wide, and the pet store suggestion is also in order.

And again, please post some pigtures!! We have quite an addiction here :p
Ok thank you! I will post pictures once I'm on my PC in a bit :) wonder if they will let me check to see if they really are girls
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hi from a Texan stuck in Cali![GuineaPigCages.com] Hi from a Texan stuck in Cali!
Here are my two girls! Checked Pearl last night and she for sure is girl, just need to check Nutmeg but she is more scared of us than Pearl right now. That is also my cage as of right now, they have three levels to go to, the bottom is covered up because its the only level my dachshunds can look into so i closed it up, they don't bother them but one of my dachshunds think he has to kiss Pearl a million times a day. I think i may make the cage wider and longer, but if you have any advice I'll take it! They have come cuddle cups and sleep sacks coming, I think those will go on the bottom level since it's nice and dark down there.
Oh and who wants to clean my fish tank today? Anyone? You get free cuddles from the piggies if you do! haha ....better go clean it now...yucky
Awww, those are adorable piggies! Ditto on what @(broken link removed) said about watching for URI symptoms (I say that, sadly, from experience, as I lost my pet store piggy, Mufasa from a URI he apparently had when I bought him...but the good thing is, it led me to adopt my current two sweeties). Sounds like Pearl is a little lover, and hopefully Nutmeg will be the same with lots of time, love, and patience.
I'll keep watch for symptoms, haven't seen any yet, so fingers crossed they are ok. Pearl is a lover, she loves cuddle time! Nutmeg is ok with cuddle time, but I think she would rather just be alone haha I call her my antisocial piggie
Your cage looks pretty awesome! I would just make it one grid wider so that the guinea pigs have room to move around one another and those cuddle cups they are going to get soon! They look like sweet little piggies. =D
Thanks! Will do! Im going to go get more shelves this week to make it wider :)
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