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Hi everyone!


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Jun 19, 2012
Hi, I got our first guinea pig on Sunday. We love him, he is supposed to be a pet for my kids, but I am having just as much fun with him. His name is Burrows. We got him from someone on freecyle who is moving overseas. We are getting ready to make him a C&C cage and we are thinking about getting him a buddy from a shelter. He seems to really be warming up to us. We cuddle him for lap time and give him floor time as well. He seems very happy when we put him back from lap time. He flips his igloo and nudges his hay. Two things I am wondering about. He has a small lump on his side near his shoulder. It seems just like a fatty lump in the skin and he doesn't protest when I touch it. Also, some of his nails curl under. I am thinking the previous owner might not have kept up with clipping him, or do some of them have nails that look deformed?
Looking forward to reading and learning more
Hello and welcome! We would love to see some pictures of your new little man!
The lump could be a fatty lipoma or maybe a cyst or an abscess. Either way it's best to have it checked out by a cavy savvy vet.
His nails probably weren't trimmed by his previous owner. When you trim them be careful not to cut the quick!
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Welcome! It is so nice you have joined the forum! You will find all the info needed for a happy piggie.

His nails are to long. You can get kitten clippers. If his nails are white you will see the pink quick. If they are black you just clip a little t a time.
His lump should be checked out by an exotic vet. It could be nothing or it could be serios.

Looking forward to sharing with you.
Well while checking out his nails I noticed what I'm sure is Bumblefoot. :( I will be getting him to a vet, maybe he can show me then how to clip the nails. He has both dark and white nails
It does appears your little guy was not taken care of. Very glad you are taking hin into the vet. Keep us posted on the findings.
i say get the nails cut because they shouldnt be curling
It does appears your little guy was not taken care of. Very glad you are taking hin into the vet. Keep us posted on the findings.
sorry, I think I am posting on this topic now in 2 different places, but I found a vet that is very highly rated for exotics and for being inexpensive, he's connected with a non-profit i guess. But they don't have hours until Tuesday. Do you think it is ok to try to treat it myself over the weekend with foot soaks and soft bedding? He seems very happy otherwise, he had starting making the little chutting noises in the morning when he first sees me and when I hold him. I'm happy he is feeling comfy here :)
Look on guinealynx.com bumblefoot
Hi, its nice to meet you. I had the same problem when I picked up my guinea pig from the shelter. Her nails were starting to curl under two of her toes were sideways because she couldn't walk on them. I had my cousin hold her while I clipped. She didn't like it but she didn't give a big fight either, then when I was done we noticed a big difference in her walking right away. I did it with some baby clippers I had around the house too.
Glad you and your family are enjoying Borrows and you guys are taking good care of him also. Can't wait to see pictures of the little guy.:)
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