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Hi Everyone


New Member
Cavy Slave
Jun 6, 2012
Hi everyone I have been a proud mama of a handsome guinea pig. Mikey. Hes the apple of his mama's eyes. I would do anything for him. Hes such a sweetheart. I got him from Petsmart. I know I shouldnt have but I didnt think they had guinea pig rescues. He looked so sad in that cage. Needless to say he was sick when I got him with mites, ear infection, and a fungus or his right eye. But working on that. Lucky for me I worked with an animal shelter. So Vet checkups come at a discount on that. Hope to meet some cool guinea pig owners. Thank you guys and gals for reading and give your guinea pigs a hug for me.
Welcome!! We all love pigtures!! :)
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