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Hi Everyone


New Member
Cavy Slave
Jun 5, 2012
I am new here and new to guinea pigs. I do not have my guinea pig yet and hope to learn a few things before she arrives. I'll be ordering her habitat and learning how to take care of her. I am ready to soak it all up!

Welcome! There is alot of information always floating around on here. I learn something new every day.
We would love to see pigtures when you get your piggie!
Welcome! I just joined today as well but I have 5 piggies... well 7 because we had babies today!
Thanks for the welcome. Do you know if guinea pigs get along with other pocket pets such as pet rats?
I would never house them together. We have many different small animals. The personality of the animals matters a lot too. We have 3 guinea pigs. When I introduce one of the rats, 2 are fine but the third one gets aggressive. I hope that helps.
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