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Hi everyone!


Cavy Slave
Apr 17, 2012
:) Hi im a newbie on here we have just got 2 guineapigs they are gorgeous they are actually my daughters. just wanted to say Hi to everyone and im sure i will have lots of questions for you in the next couple of wk.
Ive just ordered some materials for a C & C cange and cannot wait to make it im more excited than my daughter im looking for tips on bedding is wood shavings best or fleece thats my first question thanks all. cc:p
Welcome to the forum.

Fleece is easier and more cost effective in the long run if you ask me.

Can't wait to see pics of your daughter's piggies!!
If you don't go with fleece, I'd recommend Carefresh over shavings. Very absorbant and if you use the white kind it's easy to see the poop and pee for spot cleaning. It's pricey, though, especially for larger cages, so fleece is definitely your most cost-effective option. I've got a sow and boar so they're in separate cages, so I think I'm eventually going to have to take out a mortgage to keep them in Carefresh!
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