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Hi everyone:)


New Member
Cavy Slave
Apr 15, 2012
Hi, my name is Malisa and my guinea pigs are Nillie and Coco:) They are so cute and full of energy. I am very worried though...I have recently found multiple "house centipedes" in my apartment and I am really scared they will sting my babies:( Can anyone tell me if these nasty looking creatures can seriously harm my girls?
Welcome! :D Hope to see pigtures of your girls soon! Sorry, I don't know anything about the centipedes.
OK, eww. That link was much more info than I needed so late at night...LOL. It seems that the insects described feed onother insects, not mammals. Hopefully your pig will be safe. The piggie isn't seen as food, and I have yet to see a pig stalk a bug like prey, so they should be OK if one gets into the cage. Try to keep the bedding very dry, especially under the water bottle, and maybe look into an exterminator?
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