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hi everyone


Cavy Slave
Feb 22, 2005
i am from Russia, i have a cavia. It`s name Marfa.
sorry, i don`t speak english... But i want to try....
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Hi Yana, welcome! Which part of Russia are you from?
i am from Saint-Petersburg.
Amanda, it`s 6 month is old
it`s black and white!!! and short hair.
Also i have got a little rabbit, it`s name is Garik (Garry)
look at the avatar!!! this is my Marfa!!
Привет, Россия!!!
Welcome! Your guinea pig is very cute!
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I have a pig that looks almost exactly like yours, we named it Galliker.

Gallikers milk is a local milk company and we thought he looked like a little cow being black and white.

btw, All4Cavies is my girlfriend. She basically referred me to this forum, so if you see any similarities between the pigs we post about, thats why.
you know, guinea pig - on Russian - morskaya svinka (sea pig)
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