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Hi everyone! New(ish) piggie owner!


Cavy Slave
Oct 20, 2021
Hi! I'm palmedfire and I'm new here (obviously). At the beginning of the year my partner and I decided to get guinea pigs - well, it was mostly my idea because I'd been researching them for a while and really wanted a pet. We got a 2x4 C&C cage and a stand for it, and then... it took like four month for us to get around to buying the fleece liner because life does that sometimes >.< But by August we had everything but the guinea pigs!
I had tried looking on guineapigfinder, but wasn't having luck finding any piggies in my area, but one day before work I decided to check petfinder, and found the local(ish) shelter had *just* gotten a pair in.

So after work I drove over and adopted them! They are (apparently) brothers, though I am pretty sure they're only half brothers. According to the girl at the shelter, they were dropped off by someone they know breeds them and my guess is they were surrendered when they wouldn't breed, or something like that.
Well, we love them anyway!

Willow is the older and more dominant of the two. He's long haired and 100% *hates* being picked up. At least he no longer screams when we do so.
Oak is younger, and cleverer. He's short haired and while he doesn't like being picked up, he's figured out he gets treats after being held.

I got very lucky and the vet office right near my house has an exotics vet who's good with guinea pigs. Which was useful, because when we got him, Oak's teeth were getting overgrown, so we had to get them filed. Willow's weren't that bad at the time, but he's getting them done on Friday.

I love them muchly, and my partner and I are already talking about possible cage expansions!


Well-known Member
Cavy Slave
Feb 6, 2011
I'm sorry I'm a little late but welcome to the forum. Thank you so much for adopting these boys. I love the names you've chosen for them. May you have many happy years with Willow and Oak.