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Hi C:


New Member
Cavy Slave
Jan 29, 2012
I just joined this site today, and I've only had my guinea pig, since Jan. 20th, and I have become obsessed with guinea pigs. Right now I only have a pet smart cage, I got the biggest one they had, but I soon hope to have a C&C cage for my little guy as soon as I get enough money and more room. Hi C:
Your Piggie is so cute! :)
Good luck on getting your C&C cage! :)
Absolutely ADORABLE! You will love a C&C cage and so will your little piggie! :) I have one that is big enough for me to sit in with my girls and they absolutely LOVE cuddle time with mommy in the cage. I definitely suggest getting one when you can. :)
Cute little guy! He looks a lot like my alpha sow! Good luck on the C&C! Let us know if you need help finding materials!
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