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Hi All!! I'm a newbie, ofcourse :)


Cavy Slave
Nov 17, 2011
Hi everyone,
I have had my piggies for a couple months now (got them in september) and didn't realize all that you could do for their cage. I think I have already changed it 4 times now. I am now working on a 2x3x2 for my 2 girls. My ramp is on the outside so that they have all of the bottom floor to run around in. I orginally got them for my 2 kids, but I have more to do with them then they do. I got them when they were probly around 6 weeks old. (Bought them at a flea-market cause I couldn't stand to see them in the small cage they were in at the time.) They are named Rocket and Bella (thought they were boy and girl, but come to find out they were both girls). I have loved being able to get on here and see pic's of everyone's cages and piggies. When I have the room to expand my cage, I will be looking for some idea's Well time to go back to looking.
Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find lots of good information and lots of wonderful people on this site:). Good luck with building you cage. We would love to see some pictures of your girls.
I know how you feel! I changed my cage 3 times before I was happy and it seems like every time I change some of the fleece I come up with something new to add or change :p Would love to see your girls and I'm glad they got away from the flea market!
Welcome to the forum. I am sure you will find lots of good information and lots of wonderful people on this site:). Good luck with building you cage. We would love to see some pictures of your girls.
Ditto that! I can relate to you, I just can't stand seeing guinea pigs in itty bitty cages. :( Good luck with your cage!
Hello there, and WELCOME !!:eek:

Yes, please post a picture when you get a chance, we are greedy little buggers for pictures of piggies !! I am so very glad that you got two girls who can keep each other company, for if you had a male, and they were together in the same pitiful cage, your female would surely be pregnant, and you wouldn't want that...you know ?

Since you may not have had a chance to check out all the various sections on our forums page, here are a couple, easy to just "click out" links on great nutrition, from our Diet and Nutrition Specialist, Ly&Pigs. I love this first link on sample menus...it has helped me a ton ! The second link is wonderful too, in giving us a chart and list of poisonous plants, and foods to avoid.

Hi, I'm new here too! :)
Hi, I'm new here too! :)

Hello and Welcome!! :D There is lots of good information on this site so hope you look around. Lots to see and read. We would love to see pictures of your piggies as we are all obsessed with pictures of piggies!:eek:
Welcome! Ditto the picture requests! We have a SLIGHT addiction:crazy:!
Sorry I'm just now getting back to ya'll, but I mainly use the computer at work as mine at home is really slow. Thanks for all the welcome's, kinda make's me feel special :eek:. I will try to post some picture's from my phone today. I will be able to pick up my coroplast today also. I had been using a table cloth for my bottom with a layer of towels and fleece. I have also been experimenting with making fleece pads to go in my cage. Until I can get pic's I will tell you bout my girls. They are both black, but Bella has a silver place on her back, where Rocket doesn't. She sorta reminds me of a silverback gorrilla lol. They are suppose to be litter mate's but Bella is so much bigger than Rocket. They are not quite used to me yet, but I have them coming to the side of the cage to get food (carrots, apples, and grapes). They will set on my lap when I get them out. One question I have is, when I put them on my shoulder, they will bump their noses on my cheek. What exactly does that mean? Oh and they love to squeal. Especially if we eat in the living room. They will come to the side everytime..lol I don't give them any food tho. Well I think I've rambled enough. Like I said, will try to post pic's tonight.
Welcome Lyonmom. I just looked at some of your pic's and you piggie is beautiful.

Just so you know, fruits should just be an occasional treat for guinea pigs. Sugar upsets the balance in their digestive tracts, and can cause diarrhea and bloating if fed too frequently.

Staples of their diets should be red or green leaf lettuce, cilantro, bell peppers and herbs. When they're eating those reliably, you can add tomato, zucchini, celery, cucumber, green beans, endive, etc.

Read this thread for what pigs can and can't have, and how often:


And this one for sample menus: https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet-nutrition/24770-sample-veggie-menus.html.
Thank You bpatters. I usually just give them each one baby carrot, 1/4 of a apple ( cause my kids eat the rest..lol) and sometimes, 1 grape a day. Is that to much?? I don't want to make them sick if it is. My food that I have for them is a harvest blend so it has fruit and veg's in it too. Any help that anyone give's me is really appreciated. I have read up on them but to admit, I still don't know much. I have two pugs, and I think I have bought more stuff for my piggies then my dogs :p

Like I said earlier....Thank You all for any help or advice ya'll can give me ❤️
Okay, I just looked at the food menu and sampler, it was very helpful to know what to give them. Does anyone know if there are some pic's that I can look at? I thought bout giving them meal's twice a day. Would it be better to put on plate or just put on the fleece?
If I remember correctly bpatters seems to say Green or red leaf lettuce, bell pepper (preferably green or yellow, red and orange are higher in sugar and can be given sometimes but not everyday) and cilantro. My Piggies are given this every day. After they start eating this then you can add parsley, endive,carrot, tomato, zucchini, etc. If you look on the food list on the site it tells you what foods you can feed daily and what to give 2-4 times a week, etc.
Hi, My2girls. Yes, that's too much fruit. If you look at that "Read Me" link I gave you, it says fruits only a couple of times a week.

They need unlimited grass hay (timothy, orchard, blue) to keep their teeth ground down and their digestive tracts moving. Other kinds of hay are (alfalfa, lucerne) are legumes and have a different nutritional make-up that's not as good for them -- they have way too much calcium for one thing.

They need about a cup of veggies a day, and 1/8-1/4 cup of pellets per pig per day until they're about six months old, then just 1/8 cup.
Thanks for the help ya'll:heart:. Will go today after work to pick up what I need :cool:
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