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Hey I'm new


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Jun 28, 2012
Hey everyone i am new to the site YAY!!!! I have 2 pigs that I got about a year ago from a pet store I know this site does not like the hole pet store piggy mill but they were adorable and i could not let them sit in that small cage for any longer. but they have learned what veggies, and fruits are they both love to cuddle too.:D
Welcome! :D We would love to see some pigtures of them.
Welcome to the site! :] I agree with @PigPandemonium, I'd love to see pictures and hear more about your little babies! What are their names? Are they boys or girls? What are their personalities like? :]
I'll try to get pictures as soon as possible they are both boys. they have awesome personalities one loves to cuddle and play with all his toys his name is Butter Scotch, my other boy is a little shy but once you pull out the food he is your best friend and his name is MO. right know they are separated because of weight problems. But i am building a c&c cage and i will have some grids separate them. It is a 2x6 so they will each have 2x3 yay.
Welcome! I'll add to all the requests for pigtures. Sounds like they have a very happy life with you. And hopefully now that you've poked around here, you'll opt to adopt in the future. I was like you initially and bought a pet store pig, but the poor little guy died 15 days later so I'm a steadfast adopter now. I'm so glad your pet store piggies were healthy, and I'll bet they love the new cage.
Hi! Welcome to the forum! :) Your boys sound very cute and happy. Can't wait to see pigtures!!!:)
when i first bought them i took them right to the vet to make sure they were all right i all get pictures as soon as possible i have trouble uploading on my computer
this is Butter Scotch [GuineaPigCages.com] Hey I'm new[GuineaPigCages.com] Hey I'm new
And this is MO [GuineaPigCages.com] Hey I'm new[GuineaPigCages.com] Hey I'm new
They are so adorable!!!
I'm new as well! (New to guinea raising and the site.) While I admit there is alot we (me and my 12 y/o daughter) don't know about guineas we have found that our female guinea Bela is wonderful! We are looking to expand with another female and I just purchased some grid panels to build a bigger cage. If you guys could give me any tips or pointers I would be extremely happy! Thanks.
Well first off grids are the best thing you can do your guinea pig!!!:D and i would start figuring out what kinds of veggies she likes, because veggies and hay should be the main staple of there diet. i hope your piggy and your soon to come piggy get along can't wate to see pictures!!!!
(broken link removed) Would be a good place to start!!
that is where i learned most of my cage stuff
@madison45, your pigs are cute as buttons! :] Glad we got to see them
& @Belas.human.mom welcome! There's a ton and a half we could teach you here, but its hard to throw it all at you at once, so if you find yourself with any questions don't be afraid to ask! :]

When I first came in I only knew what a book from animal planet had taught me, but coming onto this site i've learned SO much more! Everyone is helpful and friendly, so don't be shy :]
@madison45, Butter Scotch and MO are SO cute!!!:) I like how MO's head is white, with one black splotch around his head, and I think Butter Scotch's name really fits!!!!
they said they were litter mates but you think they would look more alike. Thanks for all the compliments I'm sure my pigs very much enjoy the attention :D
Well first of welcome to the forum:) I got my 2 girls Lizzie and Marie ( in my avatar) from a pet store as well and I would never go back and not buy them because I love them and they are great pigs. I hate how pet store pigs are treated and and where they come from but at least when you buy a pet store piggie you are a taking a pig out of a bad situation living in a glass tank which is horrible living conditions for piggies. Now don't get me wrong here I am not saying hey go out and buy a pig instead of adopting one but if you can't adopt one and don't know of any knowledgeable breeders then buying one is not the end of the world. Have fun with your piggies they are adorable and it sounds like they have a great life with you.
your right i like to think i am rescuing them
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