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Canada hey, i need some help with my piggies cage! (and some behaviour help)


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Aug 25, 2013
Hello there! I was wondering if anyone would help me with my piggies cage and give me some advice! I have two male guinea pigs (moo-moo and gary), who will not stop fighting, i researched online and they say the recommended size is much larger than what i have now. I currently have a 24"x45.5" cage, which is small i bought it from a pet store sadly.
Since i am a student i cannot afford to buy a larger cage at this time. I am hoping to get one before christmas because the shipping is quite expensive on a c&c cage. (123$ CAD in total for a 2x4 with a narrow loft!) So i was wondering what should i do with my piggies until then. lately gary has been picking at moo and will not leave him alone unless they are eating or sleeping. Should try to make a homemade cage divider? im not too sure!
So i guess i should give some info on the piggies themselves and what they are normally like. I originally had two other guinea pigs who birthed these two lovely guinea pigs. The father died a year back and we had to sell the mother because my mom did not want any more piggies. They are 2 yrs of age right now and are fighting for dominance. Gary is a lazy piggy who mostly sleeps and eats his pellets all day, he is a scardy-cat and super snugly. Moo-Moo on the other hand likes to jump onto the houses and explore! (and tries to run off the bed a lot)
But lately they have been fighting non-stop leaving moo chattering his teeth on top of their log house hiding from him. I try to scare him back to his house or distract them by some treats, but he keeps on prying at him.

Please reply!! uwu
It is possible to make your own cage. If you can find grids and coroplast (or even a shower curtain from the dollar store!) you can make one very easily. :) There are guides somewhere on the site of how to do it. The grids just snap together so if you use a shower curtain you don't even have to cut anything! :)
A tip o: You can look at your 'local' craigslist, I bought 48 from someone who lived about 15-20 minutes from me for 25$ ^^'' As for coro.. ._. yeah, its expensive for me, Im getting a 4x8 foot sheet tomorrow, which they said was like.. 35$ last I went there? ( I went in for a quote :p)
And Oh My Gawsh! your pigs sound so much like mine! <3 they are both boys, Uchiha is the brave one, and Mickey is the shy ^-^ Although mickey likes to sit on top of the pigloos :p If you have pigloos, I would suggest cutting a 2nd entrancing into it, because my boys faught.. (fail at spelling?) over them, and kept chasing each other in it, I can get you a picture if you would like, and my pigs live on the floor of my bedroom, if you have some fleece, and stuff to block the way so they cant get under the bed, and stuff, and I use a shower curtain that I bought from the Dollar General for $4, it was about 5 feet long ^^ but I hope this helps =)! My boys fight over space, so lots of it is mandatory!
Call this place. They have a branch in Nova Scotia. They usually sell 4x8 ft sheet of coroplast for $10 - $20.
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For grids, look at these stores.
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If you can't find grids, wire closet shelves will work too.
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How to build C&C cage:
Maybe you could order a midwest cage and connect the two cages? amazon has them for about 30 bucks https://www.amazon.com/Midwest-Home...8&qid=1377499553&sr=1-1&keywords=midwest+cage if you could come up with that it might tide them over for now. you might even find one on craigslist cheaper. I found one for $15 on craigslist for my sister. Then when you can afford a c&c you could sell the other two cages and get some of your money back
Ah! thanks everyone, with a bit a research last night i was able to find the stuff to make the cage! As soon as i build the cage, first get the stuff, ill be posting pictures of their lovely new home!! c:
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