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hey! i"m Linz!


Cavy Slave
Apr 29, 2012
:p Well Hey there guinea enthusiasts! I got my babies in January, and now my boyfriend calls me the crazy Guinea lady, I don't know how they do it, but I'm in love!!! hopefully on here I have others who can understand the love for my wee boys!! :) ❤️
Welcome! :D We would all love to see some pigtures of your piggies!
ive put a few on, under Cavy slave gallery! trying to work out how to put a profile pic on! :)
:) Hi Linz.Im quite new to this forum I have 2guinea' s plus one of my little girls Rosie had 2 little babies 11 days ago and it was a supprise as I bought 2 girls and they are still girls!! but I was told that before they were separated from the others,she got pregnant so she was pregnant before I got her I noticed she was getting fat and at first I thought I was feeding too much but Sally wasn't getting fat so it became obvious that she was going to be a mummy!! Although Ive had guinea's before I didn't know that unlike other animals(as years ago my Yorkie Dog had 2 Litters and Ive had rabbits for my children when they were small and other animals) andit is weeks before they can see properly and they don't walk about for weeks. but Guinea's are formed with eyes open and walking around the cage then when they were 1 day old they were walking all over the cage I found it amazing .Luckily I bought a very large cage with an upstairs and downstairs (Think I will charge them Rent)Ha.Ha.They are beautiful when I work out how to put photo's on here I will but don't know how to yet.
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