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hey howdy hey :) we have our first ever guinea pig..


Cavy Slave
Dec 3, 2011
hi everyone, we got our first ever guinea pig recently . He came as a companian for the Rosie the bunny..but after being woken to what sounded like him squeaking for help several mornings in a row - he now has his own cage, and keeps his fur on :) His name is Mr Niblett, hes white with sticky up fur.. I know nothing..he belongs to my daughter - so naturally I'm his slave:0
Actually I really like him, he comes skipping over for his treats in the morning, we've just made him a ramp for his cage with a 'basement' grazing space. He has become apartment pig :) And is exhaustedby all the excitement so we're hoping he won'tjust collapse on us. :eek:hmy:
I am really pleased to have found this site as I need to know how to care for him, he has proper food and water and small treats, but the rest I know zero about. His previous owner moved to australia, which is why we have a bunny as well..
I am looking forward to chatting and finding out all the good stuff..and bad.. so he becomes super happy Mr Niblett:)
Welcome to the forum! And I'm glad you separated the pig and the bunny -- lots of people say you can house them together, but that can result in serious injury to the pig.

Read the Home page of this website (button above), the articles at Guinea Pig Education, Care, Rescue and Adoption at Cavy Spirit, and the "read me" and "sample menus" stickies in the Diet and Nutrition forum here. That'll get you started, and we'll be happy to answer questions.
oo thanks, we thought maybe the cats were harrassing him, butit turned out the rabbit was chasing him and pulling out his fur..horrid. We were told they were happy together , we were also told not to buy guinea food as they waste it, and that they dont need much water .... all things which i ignored and now he's much happier..although today we put the grass level on his cage and he's a wee bit over it.. He lives outdoors. I would like him to have a friend but worried as hes fully grown how to go about it without yet another pet needing rescuing:0
Read Guinea Pigs Social Life -- the Introductions section is about halfway down. That will give you a good idea of the best way to introduce him to another friend. And you might try to find him a baby -- some older boars make excellent nannies, and it's usually easier to introduce a baby than an older pig.

Sounds like you got awful advice about what to feed him. The thing he needs most is long strand grass hay all the time, all he'll eat -- that will keep his molars ground down and his digestive tract moving. He needs enough vegetables and guinea pig pellets to satisfy his vitamin C requirements -- pellets for other small rodents aren't necessarily suitable for guinea pigs.

Do be careful with him outside. I know that keeping them outside is common in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, but they're more susceptible to insect bites and attacks by other animals if they're not in your house. Also, they tend to hide illnesses almost to the point of total collapse, and it's much easier to notice the tiny differences in appearance and behavior that signal illness if you're not seeing them up close several times during the day. Indoor cages are easy to make with various kinds of shelving, so I'd encourage you to think about that.
hmmm.. we got told all this from a lady who bred them...... but i have chooks and they need lots of water and variety so i kinda did the same in small doses for him. I have lots of hay...and he's got got a special pig food with seeds and pellets. He was free with the bunny..so happy we got him, as hes my favorite :) I work from home mostly and visit often:).. we have a safe yard - would hate anything to happen to him . Tried him with orange - but not keen so going to stick to carrots:0
Seeds are no good for guinea pigs. Quality guinea pig pellets are mostly hay -- younger pigs need alfalfa pellets, and pigs over six months old need timothy pellets. Please either pick the seeds out of what you have and change to a better pellet when you finish this bag, or just pitch the whole thing now and get him a better pellet.

He needs to start eating veggies. And they're like kids, you have to teach them to do it. Start with red or green leaf lettuce, and chop it very fine, like a pencil eraser in 6-8 pieces. Sprinkle it on his pellets. He'll get enough by accident to get accustomed to the taste, and then you can feed it in larger pieces. When that happens (several days to a week), give the lettuce in larger chunks and start on green bell peppers. When he reliably eats both of those, then you can add another veggie. Pigs love cilantro and it's good for them. They also usually like dill and basil. You can feed a small wedge of tomato and/or a little-finger-sized piece of carrot per day, and summer squash a few times per week. Endive is good. Things like kale and spinach are too high in oxalates to be fed more often than once a week or so, and fruits should be an occasional treat, not a staple in the diet. He needs about a cup of veggies per day, plus maybe an additional lettuce leaf.
wow..guess the chooks are lucky ...i bought a bag of mix, that said guinea pig..and thats what was in it..the hens like it so guess its theirs. We can do veges..:) I heard parsley is good but gives them the trots..which is very very bad in such a small critter. but i heard the same about lettuce. Now the end of year ballet show is over I can really get some research done.. and get my furry lil buddy sorted.. thank you. Thats a bigger green meal than i realised, i have been giving him lots fresh grass complete with flowering heads and apple chunks and carrot - plus hay..can he have nasturtiums and rosepetals..? got lots of those..:) aand marjoram :)
I'm so excited for you and he sounds adorable! Good luck and read up, there are so many interesting and simple things you can do to give him a healthy, happy life.
Lettuce is fine for pigs of all ages, and doesn't do anything to their digestive systems unless you're way overdoing how much you feed them. Iceberg is no good, as it has no nutrition whatsoever in it, and romaine can be iffy for some pigs who tend to form bladder stones. But red and green leaf lettuce are good. There's no problem with parsley either, except that it tends to be high in calcium and shouldn't be overdone with pigs over six months old.

I don't know about the other things you listed, but I'll check and see what I can find.
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