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General Hey guys, please help :\?


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Nov 3, 2011
Well I'm going to get a guinea pig this week or next week and I would like to know every basic, important, and necessary thing to know about them. So I thought I would ask you guys. :eek:

So can you please inform me on all the basic, important and necessary things to know on guinea pigs:love:

Thank you c:
Read this site--stickies and posts. There's a wealth of info just for the reading! Also read www.guinealynx.info .
You should adopt your guinea pigs. Lots of adoptable guinea pigs looking for homes in shelters, rescues and in the classifieds. Check out Petfinder.com to find some looking for homes in your area.

Welcome to the forum there is a TON of good information on guinea pigs and guinea pig care. Make sure to share your pictures when you get the piggies! =D
lots of hay, lots of food, lots of veg, lots of space, lots of time playing with them, lots of care and lots of love :)
Start with the article on the Home page of this site, and the ones at Guinea Pig Education, Care, Rescue and Adoption at Cavy Spirit -- those are down the lefthand side of the page. There are articles on rescuing rather than purchasing, hay, pellets, bedding, medical care, cage size and lots of other goodies.

Read the "read me" and "sample veggie menus" stickies on the Diet and Nutrition forum here. Once you've got all your reading done, come back and ask questions. We'll be glad to help.
I'll make sure to share pictures when I get them :)
Thanks for all the information guys!
If I need any more help, i'll keep asking
Guinea Lynx (https://www.guinealynx.info/) is really the go-to resource for all you need to know. If you spend a while reading through all the great information there, you should be set. Some basic principles for guinea pig care:

- Always have a large pile of fresh grass hay (i.e. timothy hay or orchard grass) available to your guinea pigs.
- Feed about one cup daily per guinea pig of a large variety of lettuces, greens, and other vegetables. Variety is key!
- Feed about 1/8-1/4 cup timothy-based pellets (free of colorful bits, extra treats, seeds, etc.) daily per guinea pig.
- A guinea pig needs about 7 square feet of living space, plus an additional 2 square feet per additional guinea pig.
- Guinea pigs are extremely social animals and benefit largely by living with a same-sex friend.
- Weigh your guinea pigs weekly and keep track of weight loss and gain. Weight loss will be a signal that your guinea pig needs to see a vet.
- Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of common illnesses.
- Arrange an experienced exotics vet for your guinea pigs in the event they need to be taken to a vet. Guinea pigs are considered exotic animals, and their vet bills can easily reach hundreds of dollars with a basic exam, additional tests, and medications if needed. Start saving now for vet costs by putting away a little bit of your income each month.
- Your guinea pigs will need about an hour of out-of-cage time to spend running and playing in a piggy-proof area.
- Adopt your guinea pigs from a rescue or shelter! Buy your hay, pellets, bedding, and supplies from stores that don't sell animals, or from online websites -- don't support pet stores and the selling of animals as "merchandise".
- And lastly, remember that guinea pigs are for life! Make sure you're ready for the commitment and responsibility -- read the 12 Pleas of a guinea pig.

Good luck!
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