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General Heterochromia?


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Apr 1, 2023
Before I start with this post: For any admins, I will not be putting this in the 'Maple and Teddi Questions' thread, because, I repeat, this is not a question involving them.

Anyway, my friend has a guinea-pig, Cheesecake, who believably has Heterochromia (ii. two different colored eyes.) One is blue, and one is brown. Though, I've done some research, and I've been unsuccessful in finding others with pigges with the same condition. I was wondering if this might be a cataract in her eye, or she actually does have heterochromia? I don't have any clear pictures of her eyes, but still, is this common? Or, does anyone else have a piggie with this 'condition' or 'issue'?

Sorry for so many posts, I just have alot of questions, and was hoping to get some insight.

thank uu! :)
I've never known of a guinea pig with it, but if you google "heterochromia in guinea pigs" (without the quotes), you'll get a few hits.

Heterochromia is present in almost all species, so it's not surprising to me that it would be found in guinea pigs.
Oh okay.
I've looked into it a bit more, and apparently it isn't completely unheard of, but it is pretty rare.
Honestly, it's super cool knowing a guinea pig with it!
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