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Joy He's Here! Come meet Patrick!


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Aug 17, 2011
I picked up Patrick this morning! He is 4 1/2 weeks old and he is absolutely adorable! The woman I adopted him from seemed pretty Cavy Savvy. She adopted a female piggy that was pregnant so that is how Patrick got here :) She even wants me to send pictures from time to time. Refreshing to meet someone who cares about their GPs rather than viewing them as disposable.

Now onto Patrick. He is so small! I knew he would be small... but I guess I didn't realize how small. He seems very healthy. Clear eyes, great poop (baby piggy poop is so tiny and cute!), eats great, and his coat and skin are great. Oh, and he is definitely a he... I checked! He also loves to be held and snuggled with. Charlie, Frank, and George heard him wheeking in the next room and they know something is up! Patrick heard them and his ears perked up... it was so cute.

Here he is. The fleece/grid tunnel that I borrowed from the main cage is his favorite hiding space.

[GuineaPigCages.com] He's Here! Come meet Patrick!
Does he have color around both eyes? He almost looks like he has Himalayan coloring.

He's soooo cute! Congrats on your new addition!
Ohhhhhhh!!!! Such a tiny cutie!!! Congrats!!!!
@Petlovr He has the red patch around on eye and on his nose :) I'm totally in love with him!
He's really cute and I love his name. Looks like he's got a little leprechaun in him with that red fur....
Very cute!!! I LOVE baby pigs!!! Congrats on the new addition :)
He is absolutely, positively adorable!
Aw, he's just precious!
OMG so cute!
He is adorable!!!!
Patrick had to go back :(

I introduced little Patrick to my boys about a week ago, and this morning I brought him back to his original owner. She rescues piggies and Patrick is from a piggy that was pregnant when she adopted her. She told be when I picked him up that if it didn't work out, she would take him back. Well, long story short, my boys did not take the introductions well. I introduced them all on neutral ground, and it went great. I cleaned the cage out and added them all back and I thought things were going smoothly. They actually cuddle with Patrick after about a day, so I was optimistic. The day after I introduced them I heard a noise and went back to find my older boys fighting. I found some scratches on them and saw that they had been pulling hair. Patrick didn't have a scratch on him. The whole week they didn't even try to hurt him... they fought over who got to be next to him. I tried leaving them be to see if they would settle down, but this morning was the breaking point. They were clearly not happy, and each of them has scratches and missing hair, nothing serious, but I didn't want it to ever get to that point. So, I called the Patrick's original owner and she agreed to meet me and pick him up. :sad: I'm so sad about it, but the happiness and safety of my pigs is the top priority. They have settled down now that he is gone. I cleaned the cage to get his scent gone, and they seem to be happier now. I feel terrible about the whole thing... looks like three is my limit... though I wonder if the problem was that Patrick was a baby. They weren't fighting him... it seems as if they were fighting over him. :weepy:
Re: Patrick had to go back :(

What size was the cage you were housing them in? Also, were you positive Patrick was a male?
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