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Here Pig, Pig, Pig... Hi Im Piggie23... need a name for mah new piggie!


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Mar 11, 2012

:) Hi everyone! Nice to meet all of you and your beautiful little friends!

Im just going to start by asking for NAME SUGGESTIONS for my new little g-pig, hes an tri colour aby. Hes just super cute, hes under quarantine at the moment in his own 2x3 CnC. I also have a big boy called Tonic - hes a Chocolate and white smooth coat, crested and has his own 2x3 CnC home. I am going to introduce them in a few weeks to each other.

:love:RIP Gin :love:our super jumping ginny pig... love you pork chop! He died suddenly during the week very sadly.:weepy: We wanted to get Tonic a new little friend to keep him company and cant wait to see them buddy up hopefully!

I would love to design a three storey CnC house... man! It would be a piggie wonderland, I just love making my g-pigs happy. I am a g-pig convert, I never had any growing up and then ... Im addicted! Its so much fun looking after these little guys... they make me so happy.

Anyway g-pigs are go! Cheers, Mellie:eek:
I'm addicted too!! You need to give us pictures so we can help with names!!
Chester or Stan!!
We definitely need pictures! I think a cute name would be something along the lines of Tonic, like a cute drink name (I think of vodka tonic whenever I hear tonic, haha). What about Gin? Or Kahlua, Bacardi, Bailey, Hennessy, Martini, or Morgan (Captain, of course, heheh).
How cute would it be to say, "These are my pigs, Gin (or Morgan, or Bailey, or Vodka LOL) and Tonic!" Hehehehehe!
I hope you don't think I'm an alcoholic or something! I actually had to look up most of these names.. I may have recently turned 21, but drinking is definitely not part of my forté.
Can't wait for pigtures! :p
mmmm would need some pigtures to really come up with a name that fits his apperance but basing this on your description maybe spike since he is an abby.
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