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Grids Helpp australians


Cavy Slave
Jan 29, 2012
hey guys, i live in adelaide and ive been looking to buy cube grid at target kmart and big w.. please anyone know where to get them?? :'( i might just give up
Try Bunnings in the storage aisle. They come in packs of five grids and the brand is All Set (I think they're called All Set storage cubes on the packet, but I may be misremembering). Grids aren't available in Target, Big W or K-Mart over here (I live in Queensland). Good luck!
thank youu im goin tommorow.. i gave you a thank,, have you been there recently and seen them?
gab_32 i have been there about 2 weeks ago and i got 3 packs of grids and yes they are called storage cubes in the storage ilse and if you cant find them go to a expert worker who works there thats what i did
(broken link removed) thanks a million :)
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