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Helping People Who Find Their Sow Pregnant


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Feb 2, 2004
Feb 2, 2004
Hi Everyone :)

I've been coming here since around July 2003 & there's something that has been bothering me about this forum...

I know that we don't talk about INTENTIONAL BREEDING, but we get SO MANY posts from people who have found themselves with a pregnant Sow & need some help.

Now, they may be someone who has bought a sow from a store & then realised it was pregnant (not their fault but they still need education & help).

Or they may be someone who has ignorantly or purposely let their sow get pregnant (their fault & therefore they DESPERATELY need education & help).

What I hate seeing is these ppl either being ignored (no answers to their posts at all), or getting answers to their posts that do not help them at all by ripping them apart for being so stupid for letting their piggie get pregnant.

Surely we can point them to information on the care of a pregnant cavy (ie: (broken link removed) ) as well as point them to information on why they SHOULD NOT BREED & the risks that their pet is GOING TO face in the near future (ie: https://www.cavyspirit.com/breeding.htm ).

If we give them kind hearted help & PROPER INFORMATION it can only help the wider cavy community (let alone the forum here as well).

If anyone asks questions about pregnancy or breeding, please don't rip them apart. Think of what they need to know to make BETTER DECISIONS about their piggies. Educate them instead of tearing them down!

Tearing them down can only lead to them looking elswhere for information & if they don't get sound advice then it's the piggies that suffer (& the rescue shelters as more are brought into the world through ignorance!).

I hope that you will think about this at least...

Shell, Cailin, Chet, Clair, Cooper, Dylan, Callie, & Janie :)
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