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Sick Help!


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Sep 16, 2009
This is a crosspost in Behavior section

My 3 yaer old piggie female Bingo is shaking, listless, lethargic, and not eating, drinking, and her poop is a funny color.:( She ate when I fed her this morning, and she behaved fine. But in the evening, she did not eat dinner, and when she was taken out for grass, she pooped green poop. She is still not eating, and is only licking her food. Also, she is doing a subtle vibrating shake. Please help, as I don't know what to do!!
Take her to an emergency vet.

Has the grass been treated with any chemicals?

Here's a list of vets in Canada.
(broken link removed)

Please only open one thread for the same subject. I will close your other thread as this is a medical issue and not a behavioral issue.
Are you on your way to an emergency Cavy vet? Lethargy would have me out the door...but the symptoms you're describing would probably get me a speeding ticket on the freeway. I hope she's OK :( Good luck!!
Thanks for your concern, guys :) Within the last half hour, Bingo has sort of gotten better. She is now the fattest guinea pig on earth, and the shaking and green poop has cleared up.

However, the eating/drinking has not cleared up. Guinea pig expert said to mix apple juice into water, and that did not work. But guinea pig e said Bingo may just have sore stomach/bloat. Or urinary tract infection. Does anyone know anything about bloat/sore stomach/possible bladder infection?
What guinea pig expert said to mix apple juice into water? You need to get this guinea pig to a vet. Guinea pigs can deteriorate very quickly and if it's a UTI, your guinea pig needs an antibiotic. Bloat and a UTI are completely different ailments and require different treatments.
i hope you're able to get her to a vet RIGHT AWAY. i know sometimes we think we can play "dr. mom", but these poor pigs are pretty fragile, and can go from being fine to dying in a very short period of time. she may look better to you momentarily, but the symptoms you listed especially the shaking, lethargy and not eating are SERIOUS, please take her to a vet.
You don't have a guinea pig expert there. Apple juice is absolutely not recommended, and if your pig has bloat, it's a medical emergency and you need competent vet treatment.

Failure to eat and/or poop are extremely serious in a guinea pig. Where in Ontario are you? Perhaps we could help you find an exotic vet.
My Alenko was diagnosed with bloat about a month and a half ago. He started out being a little puffy everyday and I noticed him losing a little weight. He stopped moving as much and hie wasn't pooping. When he did though, they were sometimes discolored and had air bubbles. I rushed him to the vet the next day. He was given medicine and I was on a strict regime of stomach patting and force feeding. After about a week he seemed to be getting better but wasn't eating on his own yet either.

Then he went back down hill and got so dehydrated before I noticed that I had to take him to the rescue I adopted him from and he decided it was his time. He died that night and I feel like it is completely my fault because I didn't take him to the vet earlier.

Please take your guinea pig as soon as possible.
I live in London. Please post something close, as Piggy cannot handle a journey longer than 1/2 an hour.
How is your pig this morning? Do you have a phone book where you can look up vets in your area? You will need an exotic vet that treats Guinea pigs.
Status update: Guinea pig has miraculously gotten better!
Cause of sickness/pain: A sore paw!
My other piggie Brownie (bingo's mumma) had the same sore paw earlier this year. It disappeared when we left it alone. Don't worry, it was not serious, and Winge's isn't earlier.
Cause of lethargy: lying down to prevent paw from hurting.
cause of green poop: unexplained
Cause of Listlessness: My piggie leg is killing me! I should lie down and rest so it heals.
Cause of not eating/drinking: Unable to walk to the food bowl.
Cause of shake: Shaking from pain or fear.

The paw is not super painful, because she isn't crying or chirping.
No, I am not a bad piggie owner for not taking her to a vet, but we have had this problem before.

Thank you so much, for helping me through this.

P.S: I got her to drink 1/2 an hour ago. She is now asleep. P.S.S: I will be posting status update frequently.
HI Suzilovespiggie, Bingo is doing perfect this morning, thanks for asking. We actually will not neet a vet, as Bingo just has a sore paw.

I still think it would be best to take her to a vet. Guinea pigs typically won't just stop eating, drinking, moving, and start shaking because their foot hurts slightly. I have seen guinea pigs that have broken legs, but still get up for food and water. Have you looked into bubblefoot? https://www.guinealynx.info/pododermatitis.html What does her foot look like? What do you mean by a sore paw? There has to be some cause to it, and it must be quite bad if she wasn't eating, or drinking. Can you take a pigture of the "Hurt paw" to show us?
I can't take a picture, but we've had this problem with our other piggie and vet said to keep an eye on her. She is limping very badly but she is not squeaking. She is still eating and drinking only we have to hand her water and food. She is not shaking anymore. It looks quite funny, actually-she is doing a little galloping walk, listing to one side. Also, none of the vets near us (we live in london ON) are superfamiliar with guineas so it would freak her out more if we took her on a car ride to a vet that doesn't know how to treat her, or on a three-hour car ride to a guinea expert.
She is most likely not getting enough food if she will only eat it out of your hand. I'd still say to take her to the vet, even if it is three hours away, though I could be wrong and you might not need to take her, I'd wait and see what others say.
*Faceplam* Accidently double posted.
Expert says no need to take her, she knows this problem. It will pass in a week or two.

Also, she is eating on her own now.

Thanks everyone!
Expert says no need to take her, she knows this problem. It will pass in a week or two.

Also, she is eating on her own now.

Thanks everyone!

All I can say is WOW.
As said above, you might not want to listen to said "Expert" Seeing as she/he said to give your pig apple juice and you shouldn't give that to a pig.
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