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Pigsitting Help with pigsitting question


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Mar 14, 2011
Hey guys!
Okay, so I am going to Maryland this weekend to see my brother for Easter. While I'm gone, my roommate said she would look after the piggies, like give them water, hay, pellets and veggies. However, my pigs are on fleece, and I do not really want to employ her with the task of sweeping poos. She doesn't like that kind of thing, so what can you guys suggest? I will be gone for two and a half days. Would they be okay without a poo-sweep for that long? Or should I put them on bedding? I really don't want to have to use the last option, as I don't like aspen bedding and Carefresh is too expensive, but I will if I must.

Can anyone else share what they do about bedding while they go out of town for a few days?
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I would use bedding, just because they would be sitting in a huge thing of poops for 2 days.
I don't de-poop my girls, and had 1 for 5 years and 1 for about 1 1/2 years and they seem to manage very well till I change there bedding about every 3 days..
If you don't want to ask her to sweep, I would just use Carefresh for the weekend. 2 1/2 days without a sweep could be pretty gross. Also, I loved the shameless bump :)
Hmmm so it seems the sign store is back ordered on coroplast.. This place will sell me a sheet for $12, while the others in the area won't go below $30. :/ I don't know what to do! The boys get quite messy after even a day so I don't let them go that long. Radley is so much neater and goes in two places only, but I would still be so stress if I had to subject them to a messy poo-filled cage!

Also, another question. Radley is alone right now because we're still looking for her perfect match. She is pretty dependent upon me for snuggles and gets distressed when I don't give her any. Is this because I'm in the room and she's spoiled, or would she be distressed if left alone for a weekend?

Thanks guys!
Picking up poops isn't that bad IMO. Have you asked her if she would be willing to sweep the poops up? She can wear gloves and use the broom/dust pan. It's not like she'll have to touch them! If she's completely unwilling I'd go with carefresh. Just me.
Hand her a dust buster and tell her you'll clean the bathroom for the next 2 weekends :) I use a dust buster and it's so fast and easy. I just rev it up a few times away from the cage so they know what's coming. They don't mind anymore. But with just 1 pig I can't imagine it'll be too bad if she says no. I use the dust buster in my cage once a day with 2 pigs so I would think 2 1/2 days of 1 pig would only be slightly more than that.

As for loves, give her extra before you leave and when you get back. Maybe throw a stuffed animal in her hidey to cuddle up to? I've also heard to leave a radio or tv on for dogs that suffer separation anxiety from their owners, so maybe it'll help a piggy not feel as alone.
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