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Help with my Guinea Pig


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May 16, 2012
I just made my account, and I really need your guys help. I have a guinea pig named Cookie, and he is about 7 years old. He got impacted, and I know how to clean him out and everything, but the problem is that I think he is losing the feeling in his back legs. He wouldn't walk at all two days ago, and when he would walk, he would lose balance and fall onto his side. Today he is walking, (more like hopping) but he still loses his balance. This happened the first time he got impacted (when I didn't know what it was) and I took him to the vet and they said he had an upper respiratory infection and he needed anti biotics.

What I really want to know is if he has the infection again. His nose is running and he has crust around his eyes. He is eating and drinking, although not a alot. He is still a little bit impacted. But I want to know that if he will just get better if I keep pushing his poo out.

I really need to know this because my parents don't want to pay for a vet trip again, because its really expensive. I really need to know if he needs to go to the vet, or if he's getting better and he can live through it...
Those do sound like URI symptoms which means he needs to go to the vet and get another round of medication. It's very bad that he's lethargic and not eating or drinking well.
I agree. I would not hesitate on taking him to the vet. Guineas can go down hill very fast, and you don't want to wait too much longer with him having the symptoms that he has.
I'll try to get my parents to take him to the vet, but he's been there twice before (and it cost around $200 each time), and every time we take him to the vet the veterinarian hints to us that, since he's old, its useless to spend the money on him. So that is discouraging my parents a lot, and the fact that its $200 to get a check up...But hopefully they'll change their minds. I want my Cookie to live a long HEALTHY life.
Is it possible to find a different cavy savy vet? I certainly wouldn't appreciate a vet with an attitude like that.
I understand your dilemma, and I find it very sad. Like the others, I would recommend a trio to the vet, but if you can't could you just get the medication without having to pay for a vet check-up? Also, do you think you could buy the medication online? You should try searching the medication name and information on google. Maybe you could get some that way! Also, if you don't think he has the same sickness as before, he might be paralized. That's a permanent sickness. Being paralized disable guinea pigs to use their hind legs, and they drag their legs along. Does it look like he might be dragging his hind legs along? If he looks like that please reply, and I'll give you the details A.S.A.P.! Hope my suggestions helped- and may your guinea pig live a long, healthy life. :D
Thanks for all the replies everyone! :D I called my vet and they said they can't prescribe anything without a check-up first, so thats out of the window..But he isn't dragging his legs behind. He refuses to use them if he doesn't have to, and his left leg seems really weak. He doesn't really move that one, but he'll hop on it. But my mom tried some other vets, and they said to give him his old diet food back (he ran out of his special diet food, and my dad accidentally bought the wrong kind), because she thinks that the new kind didn't give him the right vitamins. She also said that if he eats that, he should be fine in a few days. Hopefully she's right. And, Mufasa, I think I will look for a new vet. I didn't appreciate her thinking we should just give up on my piggy becuase he was old.
That's good! I hope he gets better!:eek:
A URI is a pretty easy fix with the right antibiotics and probiotics but the back legs issue is much more complicated. I've never heard of a URI causing paralysis in the back legs so I would be hesitent to believe that the two are connected. It sounds neurological to me. Movement of peripheral systems (arms and legs) is controlled through the spine.

He does need a trip to the vet, like the others have said. I would recommend calling around to different vets and just getting an estimate of how much it would be to see your pig. Tell them the situation with the back legs. The visit itself shouldn't be more than around $50 plus any meds or other procedures they do while there.

If it turns out that the cause of the paralysis or partial paralysis is something other than the URI and would lead to a complicated procedure to fix, you have to take your pig into consideration. He is 7 years old. That's at the higher end of the life expenctancy. Senior pigs tend to have a harder time under anethesia and surgery is especially hard on their body. Not to frighten you. Just something to consider.

Kudos to your parents for being willing to spend the money on the vet visits. A lot of times parents won't get on board for paying the bills for small animal procedures.

I really hope your pig gets the help he needs.
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