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Help with companions


Cavy Slave
Feb 14, 2004
Feb 14, 2004
We had two pigs Orea and Cruiser that we bought together as babies...well Oreo had three little babies so we seprated the dad (cruiser). All cruiser does is sit on top of his house and starte at Oreo and the babies..I feel so sorry for him. Well now the babies are 5 weeks old and we have new homes for then. But I dont know how to handle the seperation. We have tried to take the babies away for bits of time fromt he mother, but all they do is squel for the mom and the mom squiels for the babies. The babies are all very attached to eachother. My question is #1. How long will it take till they feel comfortable on their own..(all the babies are boys).. #2. I tried to put the babies in with the dad but he gets very agresssive and sits on top of them and nips at them..why is he doing this?. #3. When the babies are gone..and Oreo and Cruiser are not reunited as we don't want anymore babies...will they be depressed and lonely..and not be the same pigges....
Can anyone help or give us any suggestions..please..ASAP...thanks.

Sympathetic piggy owners Sherri and Hayden
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