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Injury Help, shes not moving!


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Jan 14, 2009
Dory got her head twisted I checked on her this morning and her head was under the bars she was trying to crawl under.

She's barely breathing, help.!
Under what bars? If she is in that bad of a condition, you should call your vet if he/she is working or you have their number. Good Luck
We can't help with that. You need an emergency vet. If they can't treat her, they can at least humanely euthanize her.
I pray that she is ok and you can get her to the vet.
The emergency vet is in Jupiter.
That's a while away, but...
You may have to take her regardless of how far away it is.
Especially if she may be suffering.
My map calculations brought up approximately 30 mins, so it should at most, take you 40 mins, and that isn't bad, considering the life of your pet is at risk. :)
Just came from the emergency vet.
They don't want to do anything for lack of knowledge of guinea-pigs...
Why do vets even do that?

My dad's not answering the phone and bus isn't running today.
I went to a closer emergency vet.
I'm waiting to go to the one in Jupiter.
My ride isn't answering his phone; he's my dad and he wants me to stop calling him I guess.
Dory seems like she's trying to get up...
But I dont want her to hurt herself.
I told the doctor in Jupiter that i'd call her back.
My ride isn't even responding right now so I don't know what to say to her without sounding like an idiot.
Ugh, it seems like these things always happen on holidays/weekends/late at night! I'm afraid I can't offer much help, you really need to try to get her to a vet. Is there anyone else who would be willing to take you over?
Dory isn't moving at all anymore.
I've tried reviving her.
No one in my family can drive besides my dad.
There are the people from church...
But I'm not sure if Dory made it...
Perhaps someone from church can drive you? Is she still breathing?
I'm so sorry you are going through this. I hope your pig is in a happier place soon. What kind of cage do you use? If she has passed, I'm so sorry for your loss. :(
She's not waking up.
I have to go wash my mouth off now.
Should I call the vet and tell her?
I tried to do cpr.
I thought I saw her move a bit.
Then her eyes began to close and from her mouth emits a weird smell... o_O
She's so stiff now.

I feel awful
I feel like sending my dad a "go to heck" card.
He spent my college fund and now he refused to even answer me.
I'm kind of in denial about Dory's death.
I am so sorry about your loss. You must not be having a good Christmas. :( We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. So sorry.
Dory's in a baggy and an empty icecream box.
She'll be in the freezer.
I need to go take a walk.
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