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Help! Ring worm!!


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Dec 7, 2011
My neck has been very itchy and I had ring worm before on the back of my neck and now it looks like I have it in like 5 places on my neck and I noticed that my guinea pigs have been itching around their heads A LOT n I told my dad that we need to find something for dry skin for them but I read that they carry ring worm. So now I'm not so sure It's just dry skin! If they have ring worm where should I look to find it? How do I see it through their fur? What do I use to cure it? Please help me I don't want to get rid of my ring worm and get it again because my piggies aren't cured!
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Read https://www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html.

If your pigs have ringworm, they'll lose hair on those patches. If they're not losing hair, it's probably not ringworm. If you can see any lesions on them, take a picture and post it -- it will help us help you figure out what it is.
I was checking their fur and I noticed that they don't have any missing patches of hair but if I touch a certain spot they squeel and I think it may be just dry skin why they're scratching so much. But I was wondering if there's anything to do like to add in their food or to their fur like oil to help the dry skin?
Guinea pigs don't "carry" ringworm. Everyone has the potential to get ringworm. It has a number of names, yeast infection, athlete's foot, jock itch, fungus etc... Its particularly bad for those who have compromised immune systems. It can be very hard to get rid of because it can spread to everyone and linger on thing like floors for a long time.

Best thing to do is go to doc and get nystatin cream. You can use it on the guinea pigs too but you have to get it actually on the skin. My gp was really long haired and fluffy so I ended up shaving him for a few months to get the treatment right on his skin. His was really bad though. All over his back, thick scab like white patches where hair was supposed to be. If your piggy is short haired then it will be easier to get it on propperly. You can also use some shampoos in addition or instead if they don't have too bad of a case...

GPs squeel when touched for 3 reasons: 1 parasites https://www.guinealynx.info/parasites.html
2. Ringworm
3. If it never goes away even with treatments then they probably don't like being touched there. Dandruff/dry skin is very rare for guinea pigs. They usually only get that way if washed with a bad shampoo or washed too often. Guinea pigs should only be washed 3-4 times a YEAR! If they are getting dirtier than that then you need to clean the cage more often. If they are long haired then once every 4-8 weeks is ok but you have to use a really good shampoo like Georgious guineas shampoo.
If it were me, I'd treat them for mites. If they're not losing hair, and are just squealing when you touch them in specific places, the most likely problem is mites. See www.guinealynx.info/mites.html.
I agree it might be mites if there aren't any patches missing. My guinea pig had ringworm not too long ago and it was very obvious and it was powdery and a bit red from irritation. You can treat both but you treat the mites for at least a week I think before you can start the fungus cream.
ok. I think we are going to take them to the vet. but is there a certain time frame that you should go? Can they die from mites and will my dog, cat, or I get them??
Ringworm is highly contagious to multiple people, animals and can be passed back and forth.

Mites can bite other people critters but can't host on them for long periods of time.

Lice are also species specific.

Ringworm and mites/lice require different treatments. So you should try both treatments and skip any skin scrapings or anything that can be painful to the piggies because they are usually inconclusive. You don't really need to take them to a vet because you can order everything you need online and do it yourselves but if you are not terribly knowledgable or comfortable than by all means take them to the vet...
Don't let the vet scrape for mites. It's painful for the pig, and inconclusive -- he may think they don't have mites when they really do.

If it's mites, you and the other animals are safe. You may get bitten, but they won't set up housekeeping on you. If it's a fungus (but it doesn't sound like it is), it's hard work to get rid of, and is very contagious to you and the other animals.

If I were you, I'd just order the ivermectin and treat them. It won't hurt them as long as you give the right dose, and may help. But pigs under 350 grams can't be treated with ivermectin.
Just to agree with all the info the PPs said. My pigs had some of the symptoms of mites, but no patchy hair loss and I treated them anyway and they were happier and scratching less afterwards.

A couple of weeks afterwards, I had itchy red patches on my hands and arms, unlike anything I'd ever had before...and it was terrible. I read online that there's one particular mite, Cheyletiella parasitivorax, that can cause dermatitis in humans but can't live on us longer than three weeks or reproduce. The painful skin bumps eventually went away. Whew.
I took my piggies to the vet about 2 weeks ago she said everything looks fine the only thing i thought was weird was she tried to pick them up by the fur on their neck and they squealed very loudly is that how you supposed to hold them or does it hurt them?
Yes, it hurts them to be picked up by the neck! That vet has absolutely no idea how to hold a guinea pig. If I were you, I'd only go in that place one more time -- to tell them that I'd never be back, and why!

Please find a cavy-savvy vet before your pigs have to go again -- that one is incompetent.
I agree a vet should never hurt an animal. The fact that all they did was pick it up and made it squeal would have been enough for me!
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