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Sick Help please-Benjamin ATE his bed!


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Jul 25, 2011
Last night when I picked up Benjamin I had to move his cat bed that is in his cage. Then I saw two big holes missing from the bottom, and fluff in the cage. He ate the bottom of his bed-lovely. Anyways, he seems okay, he peed on my floor last night-yay :/- but he didn't poop (not that it was unusual). Should I bring him to the vet? I will if I need to, I don't have a problem, but my dad, who is not a guinea pig expert or anything, (trust me I know:) ) says that rodents are tough and can eat a lot of things, so if he is acting normally is a vet visit required? I would just hate to stress Benjamin out in an hour- hour and a half ride to the vet if he will be fine.


PS I feel dumb even asking, because usually if I even think they are sick I bring them to the vet, but I'm trying not to over-react :/
Cat beds aren't really good for guinea pigs. Most of them have cotton or polyester as stuffing, as well as plastic on the bottom.

If he's not a lone pig, I'd separate him into another container or floor time pen so you can see if he's pooping. If he doesn't poop in a few hours, then I'd definitely take him to the vet. He may need some motility drugs to get the stuff through his system.

And he needs a different kind of bed. Fleece is about the only fabric I know of that pigs won't chew.
The bed is out of his cage, I feel so dumb for even giving it to him now- he eats underthings. He ate his sock monkey (dog toy), the coroplast in his cage, paper plates, and chews the bars all the time. I'll set up my old pet store cage because I can't tell with the carefresh.
This is a picture of what he ate, in case it changes things
[GuineaPigCages.com] Help please-Benjamin ATE his bed!
l wish I could stamp "DO NOT USE FOR GUINEA PIGS" on every one of those cat beds. Yours isn't the first pig to eat part of one, and won't be the last.

The plastic probably won't hurt him, but the stuffing well may. Just keep a close eye on those poops, and it he doesn't produce them soon, then take him to the vet.
Just checked in on Benjamin and this time there was....progress... a few poops were in the cage, but looked weird. [GuineaPigCages.com] Help please-Benjamin ATE his bed!

there were 3 regular ones and about 3 small ones, and one of the small ones had an air bubble at the end.
Is he alright?
Is he eating? If he keeps pooping, he will most likely be fine.
I haven't seen him eating- I gave him pellets to get his body going, but they are still mostly there, and he usually eats them quickly. I think he is eating some hay now. here are also more poops in his cage about 7 and they are all normally sized/shaped :)

Thanks for all your help, I was so worried!
It's too soon to know. Just keep him separate for a few more hours, and watch to see if he eats anything you give him. Also, you might want to take the poops out as he produces them, because if he eats them you won't know how many he's made.
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