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Rabbits Help Planing A C&C Cage For A Bunny?


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Dec 18, 2011
Hello again,

So I'm trying to build a C&C cage for a bunny, however I'm running into a few problems. First, it has to go somewhere on top of my pigs' cage which is a 3x7 with a 2x2 bedding connection and a loft, here's a picture:

[GuineaPigCages.com] Help Planing A C&C Cage For A Bunny?

So that's the most recent picture I could find of my cage, since then I have taken the storage shelves off, and the grids that were supporting them, also off to the right there is a 1x1 loft and bent grid ramp.

So I really want this to be cheap, as I don't have much money at all right now, though of course if one of my animals gets hurt I still have a vet fund. I also need to make it where I can still clean the bottom level really easily, as it's already a full day project to clean out that whole cage. :D I also don't have any coroplast around me, so the bottom of it would have to be a shower curtain. I'd love for the bunny to have tons of room also, but again I have very limited funds, so it may have to end up being smaller than I would like, does anyone have any cage ideas?

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Would it be easier to lift the pigs' cage up and have the bunny on the floor? I think bunnies need more free range time than the pigs. If you put the bunny's cage on the floor, you'll be able to leave it open for the bunny to come out.
That might work, however I don't really know how I would be able to clean it, right now I simply just step in the cage to get the pigs, and such, but if it was lifted up, I couldn't do that and could no longer reach the part of the cage that's in the closet. For Pikachu (Bunny) I plan to just have him out for most of the day, then put him in a cage at night.
I have sort of an idea, but I'm not sure how well it will work for you.

[GuineaPigCages.com] Help Planing A C&C Cage For A Bunny?

If you separate it at the point where it goes into the L shape, and build a loft with a ramp to the top, your guinea pigs will still have the same amount of space, and you will be able to clean it like you want to. Then you can keep the bunny on the bottom which may be a pain to clean, but you can put the litter box near the front and it shouldn't be that hard. This idea means the bunny will have less cage space than the guinea pigs, but like you said, the bunny will be out most of the time anyways so it will be fine.

I highly recommend putting the rabbit on the floor. As stated above it is so much easier to be able to just leave the door open and let the bunny hop in and out as he pleases. Which will be necessary if he is litter box trained. It's also a comfort thing, I think they like being able to go to their safe zone when they want to.

Also just out of curiosity, is this the wild bunny you found? Because I thought I read in that post that you were releasing it, so I'm a bit confused. Hah.
Thanks for the idea! :D I'll have to try some things out and see if they work it the cage.

I forgot to make a thing on that post explaining what happened, I'll go do that now. xD It's very complicated.
You're welcome for the idea! I'm glad you were able to figure it out with my oh so fancy paint edits. :D
Another quick question, could I use the 5x5 grids for a bunny? A friend gave me a bunch of them, but I have no use for them.
I have heard (but I could be wrong) that the minimum for a bun is 3x4. However, I am really not a rabbit expert.
Yeah I'm planing to make him a 3x4 cage with two upper levels that are also 3x4 but with one grid each taken out so he can jump up there. Plus he will only have to be in that cage a little bit each day, the rest of the time he will just get to roam the house once I bunny proof it.
I've never heard of a minimum C&C requirement for rabbits. I believe the "minimum" for a rabbit cage, is 4x the rabbit's size. He also needs to be able to stand up, and hop around.
So your cage idea sounds fine, but if he's only in there a little bit out of the day, I don't think you need that much. Especially if it's taking away from the guinea pigs space.

Also, I think the 5x5 grids are okay, I have a few and I was planning on using them for the rabbit part of my cage. I put them up to my rabbit's head and I don't think there is anyway for him to get stuck in it. It just depends on the size of your rabbit.

I think that is why there are no actual cage measurement requirements, because bunnies come in a wide range of sizes, unlike guinea pigs who are generally all the same size.
No you cannot use the 5x5 sized grids. They are too large, especially if you have a small rabbit. You can use the 8x8s if you have those.

There are a lot of ideas out there just like with guinea pigs. This however is one of my favorite "starter cages". A rabbit cage should be tall enough for the rabbit to stand all the way up and long enough to do 3 long hops. The kind of hops that rabbits use to move around when they are room to roam not the little half hops they use in smaller spaces. Rabbits enjoy levels. I wouldn't not do two levels only 14 inches apart. Do at least a grid and a half before the second level more if you have a bigger rabbit. Use a ledge so they can jump up, rabbits do not need ramps and they waste space.

How to Build a Rabbit Condo - YouTube
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