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Help out a small business?


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Oct 13, 2005
Hey guys! I hope this is appropriate, if not I understand and I'm prepared for it to be removed.

A long time family friend is trying to get in the running for a grant from Chase for her small business. We only have a couple days left, and we need a lot more votes. We're about 200 short, so this is a long shot and I'm getting desperate.

She does dog day care/animal boarding, and has watched my guinea pig in the past for me while I'm gone. I'm trying to do anything I can to help her have the best chance. What I'm asking is that you go onto the webpage, and just vote. I would be so grateful. You can log in through facebook. There's a huge description of the business on the website.

Here is the link: (broken link removed)
Click 'Log in and Support' (this can be done through facebook)
Scroll Down, search for 'All Critter Pet Care'
Click 'Support'

I love you guys, and this is a fantastic community. Thanks for any help you can provide!
there are two other guinea pig forums you should join, im unsure if i am allowed to post the link but you are allowed to post ads on both im sure they'd love to help, or i would forward that for you if you'd like?
If you could forward this on, I would be so appreciative!
Voted! I hope they get enough votes :)
Thanks, guys! Anything to get the word out. :)

They're currently at 56 votes with just over 2 days to go. You guys are awesome!
Voted! :) good luck to them!
voted, good luck!
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