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Urine HELP! ohh nooo....


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Dec 25, 2011
i was cleaning my girls and placed them in a bin, when i went to put them in the cage one peed a pink red color.
and i found this article : MY Guinea Pig is peeing a pinkish reddish color?!? - Yahoo! Answers

if this is true, crap.
my dad refuses to go to the vet, and my girls have a 2nd x-ray for the pregnancys on feb 2nd. but thats a wait.
neither of my girls will pee so idk who it is.
also i pay for the vet appts. and im broke because im saving for a coroplast, i already have cubes though.
Pink or red urine usually indicates a urinary tract infection or bladder stones. Both of them are painful so once you figure out which one it is, I'd have her seen by a vet. She'll need an antibiotic to clear up the infection. If it's a stone, females can sometimes pass them but I'd still have her seen by a vet. The xrays they are getting on the 2nd might show a stone, if that's what it is, but an antibiotic is still needed to clear up an infection.
its my 2 sows. closest vet appt. is feb.2 and if they are possibaly pregnant and have a urinary tract can they get ill or ummmmm, worse case scienerio, die? im very worried for my girls anything i can do in the mean time.
Yes, they can die, and yes, they can be in pain, and probably are. You don't necessarily need an x-ray for pregnancy -- they either are or they aren't, and time will tell. But they do need treatment for the UTI, and they need it now. Can't you call and get the appointment moved up?

Why do you have two pregnant guinea pigs?
it was only one time they stopped now so i dont know which one did it,i get an x-ray because they are older and if they stop going into labor i will know if she gave birth to all the pigs she was supposed to. And i cant move the appt. because feb.2 is her next closest day,
breeder misexed, i now recue like i did to howey.
This is too much of an emergency to wait until February 2. You need to call your vet and explain that you've got a guinea pig with blood in its urine. If they won't change the appointment, you need a new vet. By the way, is this a dog-and-cat vet, or one who treats exotic animals? You need an exotic animal vet for guinea pigs.
shes an exotic vet, and they stopped.
What stopped? I'm confused.

Forget the xray. Separate the pigs for one day. Use light colored towels as bedding. Find out which pig is bleeding and take her to the vet. Bleeding is not normal. Yes, the pig could die if you don't find out the cause and take care of it.
there is no more blood in the urine.

the x-ray is for the pregnancys, and i cant seperate i tried that one day and all night the girls were chewing bars andtalking. woke up the next morning the girls pushed over half the cubes and moved everything around even though they could see smell and hear each other.
You need to find out why there was blood in the first place.

What greens/veggies have you been feeding? Beets? Red chard?
no red foods or anything like that, they have had a pich of alfalfa every 4 days for their possible babies

turnip greens,romaine,apple (week ago) cilantro, tomato(week ago)
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