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Sick HELP my pig is swollen ?


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Dec 26, 2011
i came home from school and my baby is all swollen up ! all her light colored skin is puffy and red ! her eye is watery and she looks miserable ... which i am positive she is .
ive attached photos .. there not to good but its a lot worse in person ....
her feet are also swollen quite bad ( i didnt want to pick her up and cause her pain).
i took her out of her and her buddys c and c and pu her in a quarentine cage alot smaller but sinvce the other pig isnt showing symtoms i decided that was best ! any ideas??? please help


013.jpg 012.jpg 018.jpg 019.jpg
I don't know what's wrong, but I would bring her to an exotics vet, specifically come one that has knowledge about guinea pigs, not just a cat and dog vet. If she looks miserable she probably is; guinea pigs tend to hide pain so when it shows it means its there. I would get to the vet asap, and find out what's wrong. Make sure you watch your other pig, and if she starts showing symptoms bring her in too. Sorry I didn't have the answer :(
my parents wont take her :( no money right now .... shoooot umm i am considering taking her to texas guinea pig rustlers and surrenderring her so maybe she has a chance ...:( im also allergic i keep getting hives... i feel so bad because i am resposible for them
Awwww poor thing I hope she feels better soon! It's really odd how you just found her like that all of the sudden. What are you using as bedding? Her eyes could be irritated from a respritory infection or an allergic reaction. As for her feet I could be bumble foot or a reaction to the bedding your using. Those are my best guesses but definetly take her to the vet or the rescue. I hope you find a solution for her and you did the right thing by separating her from her cage buddy because it could be something contagious.
im using the top of the line on the market ( care fresh white ultra) how do they get bumble foot ? and that effects all of her skin ?
i love my piggies so much but i realize that it may not be the best choice now becasue of money or there lack of . do you think it is a good choice to surrender them if i cant afford vet care .. i just want whats best for them and there health and happiness :(
That pig needs a vet, now.

Part of responsible pet ownership is having enough money put by for vet visits. If you can't do that, then you don't need to own the pet. I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's not fair to make a small suffer because you didn't plan and save for its care.

I don't know if TGPR would take her or not, but if I were you, I'd call and ask. They are only open on Saturdays for adoptions, but some is there daily taking care of the pigs. If no one answers the phone, send an email -- someone may see it tonight.

You might also ask your parent to investigate Care Credit, which is a low or no interest rate loan for medical or veterinary care.
no i agree . the situation changed and if it were just me on my own then itd be different .. but i live at home becasue im only 17 :( itll be a shame to see them go but it may be needed . if you know any one in the allen area interested in them and wil ing to help let me knw please!
hey guys ! i gave it somethought and finally realized that two days ago i started slowly changung there food from mazuri to oxbow organic .. well i look at some sites and i think she had an allergic reaction to it so i cleaned the cage out cleaned the food , pigloos, water bottles and such to make sure there was no trace of this food . so ill update tomorow about how things are going!
thanks so much for your help
:( Definitely sounds like an allergic reaction to me. Hopefully you found the culprit, and her skin calms down.
I hope that the food is the cause. Keep a close eye on her! Good luck.
If you aren't willing or able to provide medical care for your guinea pigs, I think you should consider finding a home that is able to provide for their basic needs. It's unfair to them to deny them medical care when they're sick. Or you could get a part time job to save up money for a vet fund.
i agree , i actually have been looking for a home for them for about 2 weeks but not many people are interested ... id love them to go to a dedicated person who adores cavies not some kid who just thinks there cute and wont give them a bunch of attention . i think i should have waited to rescue some when i move out and get an apartment where they can have free range in most of the house during floor time , and i have a full time job to provide for them . i actually have ben searching for a job but theres slim picking these days in the dallas area for a 17 year old , so im planning on waiting til this summer when i turn 18 (more options ) . im just trying to find some solution for the mean time till i can find wonderful home for them .
If you're looking for a part time job for now, grocery stores, the mall, fast food restaurants are all good places to find a few hours of work each week. My kids started working part time when they turned 16. They didn't make a lot of money, but they were able to pay their car insurance and have spending money. My daughter worked at a before and after school program and worked as an aide for special needs kids in a summer recreation program. They were good part time jobs for her because she graduated with a degree in education. My son still works the same part time in the produce section of a grocery store and he's in college. They both have a decent savings account for emergencies.
My family lives in the DFW area my brother worked at Steak n' Shake until he graduated high school, I worked at a local vet as basically a pooper scooper lol, some of my friends worked at Sonic the pay was bad but they were tipped well. Grocery stores were another option and in Texas at 17 you are old enough, I believe, to get your TBA certificate so you can wait tables, which can pay REALLY well if you are at a good restaurant and very friendly. My mom has a 16 year old poop scoop her law. The kid owns the business and even has an employee! Anyway, the jobs are out there for under 18 year olds they just aren't very glorified but they still pay. Keep your chin up and keep looking.
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