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Dominance HELP!!! My guinea pigs who are bonded with eachother are having dominance issues ever since this morning pretty bad!


Cavy Gazer
Jan 6, 2023
I just adopted another two boys, they are both 3 months old and I put them in a cage this morning that is a 8x2 with a divider that i had used which was only a piece of coroplast due to not having extra grids at the moment and my boys got into the cage with them and had started fight with eachother and not my baby boys. They ran and hid the whole time but my boys have been fighting so bad! I had to go to school and at the time they were eating hay but still going at it every once in a while but i’m nervous due to them never having dominance issues. My younger one keeps pulling hair from my older one (older by 3 months) My younger is only 8 months and my other is about a year now. Morris lunged at him once and chris ran but now morris keeps cornering him randomly too and like chattering very loudly and mounting onto his head. He has only bit him once and gotten hair. However i’m worried that since i’m at school and no one is home, Morris may hurt chris or chris may hurt morris due to being a very dominant piggie, and not liking being mounted onto.

To add onto this, Morris has jumped at him a couple times and like grabbed his hair but backed away with his head up. They are talking so loud that i can hear them downstairs in my kitchen even though they are upstairs and in our loft which is not the easiest thing to hear stuff happening in. I am worried my boys may need to be separated now! what do i do! they have always loved cuddling but right now they are having a dominance battle that may cause them to not bond! HELPPP
Separate them NOW, before someone gets badly hurt.

You can't just put pigs together, and more especially, you can't just put males together. More than two males in one cage are 99.9% guaranteed to fight, and will never get along. Make two large cages and put two pigs that do get along into each cage.

See https://www.guinealynx.info/introductions.html for instructions on how to introduce them.
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