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HELP! Mommy pig leaking pink fluid since yesterday!!


Cavy Slave
Apr 11, 2012
My pregnant guinea pig is due, I can feel legs, head and she is huge. Its her 3rd litter, she is still eating, drinking and the babies are still active. Yesterday she started leaking out a very light pink fluid and her urine is yellow. I have paper towel in her cage so i can see but it also seems to be more pink fluid there then she would normally pee. I'm not sure if I'm checking right but the bones are about 1cm apart but have been that way for a few days. Any idea how much longer? Is this a sign of labour?
Thanks Very Much
[GuineaPigCages.com] HELP!  Mommy pig leaking pink fluid since yesterday!!
i would bring her to a vet sounds like something could be wrong.....keep us updated!
Sounds like her water broke so if she doesn't have the pups soon a vet visit is in order since an infection can set in.
Poor girl, her third litter!

Something is wrong. She needs to see a vet asap.
I agree, that is not normal at all. Get her to a vet.
I was so worried for days and wasn't sure if her or the babies would make it. She had the babies 4 days later.

She lost quite a bit of pink fluid over a few days, but is doing fine. I placed her in my bedroom during the day, closed the blind so it was dark and went out. 2 hours later I came home to find her with 2 little ones! I was fortunate to see her deliver the other 4.
Butterscotch is a skinny pig/Abyssinian but resembles an Abyssinian.
Morty is a Skinny Pig.

She gave birth to 6 healthy skinny pigs, all were perfect and there was no stillborn. Shes an amazing mom! Mom weighed just over 4lbs, the babies were 4oz, except 2 which were 3 oz and 2oz. The smallest named Wilbur.


IMAG1327.jpg IMAG1351.jpg IMAG1440.jpg IMAG1399.jpg IMAG1383.jpg
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Did you breed them? Please separate the dad immediately, he could impregnate her right away after giving birth.
aw that is an awsome family photo.. I am glad mom and babys are doing well.
Did you breed them? Please separate the dad immediately, he could impregnate her right away after giving birth.

I dont breed them, I usually take in rescues but they chewed their way through
but they chewed their way through

What? How can they do this? If this is her 3rd litter, how did the first two happen?

P.S. I really just want to know, I am in no way criticizing you or trying to be mean. I just want to prevent future litters from happening, as this is an anti-breeding forum.
You really took a risk by not seeking medical care for her. I'm happy that she and pups survived. I hope you neuter your male or reinforce the cages so you don't have any more accidents with the rescues you take in.
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