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General Help me! Im in a rut in my life! Ive decided to volunteer ALL of my time how 2 start?


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May 9, 2012

I am homschooled and lost all my friends to drugs. I am at the point where I only have two people I actually hang out with but they are in regular highschool.

Whenever I want to do something I have to do it solo and not with any friends... I am often always on my own and have no idea what to do with my time.... I literally have 24 hrs a day open to do ANYTHING.

[read this!]
I am ASKING for your help I i live in west hills california 91307 and im 16 year old I have decided I want to book up ALL of my hours of free time to volunteer work! I just have no idea how to get started..

I am going to be volunteering at the hospital 3 days a week for 5 hours each day and then I have called local animal shelters and stuff but none picked up the phone and most you need to be 18 to walk the dogs etc. ANY other ideas??? I reallly need your help!
Honestly, there's other things you could open yourself up to doing along with volunteer work. At 16 you can get a paying job, and some colleges offer courses to High School students. You could go learn sign language or something, or just sit in on lectures.
Ive been in this rut for a LONG lonely 6 months now... I have no idea how to solve it and I am an active person its just doing things solo get so boring after everyday you do it byyourself....

I cant get a job, and I am not interested in doing any other schoolwork then i already HAVE to lol..
Aw, well maybe you can at least consider it. I'm going to do a bee keeping course our community college offers. College has a bunch of random, fun things to try out. =)
I wish I did it when I was your age. It might have given my life some more direction.

As for more volunteer stuff, there always seem to be need for folks to go out onto the roads for litter pick-up.Your city hall will have a directory of reputable places to volunteer for. I also cleaned up churches when I was 14.
ok thank you for your respond!
If you are leaning toward volunteering with an animal organization, most of them will have websites with online applications. You might run into a snag though with your age but some places to have tasks for those who are under 18.
Retirement/nursing homes are always looking for volunteers. When I was in high school, we needed 40 hours of community service to graduate, and I got mine from the local nursing home. It wasn't bad; sometimes they had me call bingo numbers during the residents' games, sometimes I helped out in the kitchen, sometimes I tagged along and helped the building maintenance crew.
the retirment home is not accepting volunteers is what they said when i called.
What are your college plans? Do you have a career in mind? I'd try and volunteer in an area that you plan to pursue your career in. My daughter got paying jobs when she turned 16 at a before and after school program in our school district. During the summer she worked as an aide for disabled kids at a summer program. She graduated with a degree in elementary ed and got a job right away. I have no doubt all the jobs she had helped her get her foot in the door.
Hello :) I think its great that you're so into volunteering. But I think its more important at 16 to really focus on your education so you can get into a great college and pursue your dream career. And dont worry too much about being in a rut now, my teenage years were awful too; bored out of my mind, hardly any friends, surrounded by morons in school etc. etc. It will get waaay better trust me ;)
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