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Biting Help!! I have a biter!!


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Jan 10, 2012
I got my boar, Quincy in October and he's developed an annoying habit of biting. Not just nipping but, biting and drawing a bit of blood. He doesn't do it all the time just certain moves make him do it like bringing my hand on the side of him to pet him. He loves to be petted on the back and on the sides. It's just when he's looking that direction where my hand is that makes him bite me. He also has a habit of biting my clothes too. Is there anything I can do to get him to stop this? I've already tried blowing in his face and pulling the back hairs of his neck but, he's bullheaded and doesn't get the message.
My second pig also has a tendancy to bite. Especially if I don't pick him up often enough. Personally I poke their nose very quickly even before he snatches skin deep. Then he looks away with the nose up trying to not give in, where I just continue with what I was doing, if he goes for it again I again in a very quick reflex do the same back to him with one or two fingers.
After a while he stopped doing it, and then I could reward good behavior with some fresh veggies or a leaf from my Basil plant. Now lately I've not picked my boys up all that often, the biting starts again. Less frequent, but shows if you want him to stop it, you must be consequent.

Ps: It may take from a week to months of time before he'll give up. If you want him to improve very quickly, the more you pick him up even if just for 5 minutes, the quicker he'll get the message. Do be careful, inspect him for wounds/other things he may lack, as if they're hurt they may also bite if you're touching the wrong spot.
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