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C&C Help! I don't really know where to start


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Nov 4, 2011
I would like to make a C&C cage, and I am trying to price things out so I can "sell" this to my husband.

I know I need the coroplast, the grids, connectors, and a "stand". Anything else? I would like get a couple of really nice fleece liners, but I want to get the cage done and deal with that cost first. Can I continue to use the blankets and litter box that is working now, or will the coroplast need to have a waterproof cover over it to prevent it from getting damaged?

What I am really stuck on is the "stand". What is the best and cheapest option? I would love it if I could store the food underneith it in bins like I have seen some ppl do. I see some people using the grids to make the stand. Does this work? And is it going to topple over? Any help is greatly appreciated!

btw, I am in Canada, if that matters.

Also, I was thinking of making a 2x5 for my one piggy, so that she has lots of room..

As an aside, anyone know if I would be able to sell or even return the cage I bought her? It is 2 weeks old, and it cost $120 for the living world rabbit cage.
There are plenty of pictures in the photo galleries -- that's where I would start.

You don't need to protect the coroplast, it is the waterproof protection.

The cheapest option for a stand is a table you already have, or grids. Just zip-tie them tightly together -- they're amazingly sturdy. It's not going to topple over.

You can certainly sell your cage on craigslist or ebay, but not for as much as you paid for it. You'd have to call the store where you bought it to see if you can return it. Or you can keep it for a quarantine or travel cage.
I am thinking of calling the store to see if they will return it, but what would I say? Any idea?
"This cage you sold me is not big enough?"
Say the product did not meet your expectations.

I would say go with grids to make a base. They work out great and look very neat.

Good luck!
"This cage you sold me is not big enough?"

But it "is" technically big enough, given the "standard" cage sizes. It isn't even marketed as a guinea pig cage, it is a rabbit cage, so much larger than the average buyer would get for their pig. I am sure that will be what they will say, so I don't know what my response to that might be.
So, what are people seeing as the "average" cost to make a 2x5 with a grid base? I am trying to search on line for Canadian retailers, but I am having trouble because I don't know what the grids are called, and nothing is coming up. I heard that walmart sells them, but I can't find them.
Wire storage cubes. Whitmor makes the brand that Walmart sells. Two boxes ought to be more than enough.
I got some from Rona. they were about $32 for six cubes, and I bought two boxes. It's all together, just waiting for coroplast! Yay!
Unless the store has a policy of no returns, I would think as long as you have your receipt and the cage was as clean as what you got it, they shouldnt give you grief about returning it.
If they dont let you, can you turn it into an annex for the cage? :)
I'm rooting for you to be able to take it back.
I looked on thier website and it says if you are unsatisfied for any reason, you can return merchandise for 30 days with receipt for a full refund. Pets excluded of course. So, hopefully I can find time to take it back tonight, so long as I can get my hands on some coroplast to finish off her C&C cage.

Also, I was hoping to do a 2x5 cage for one pig, but my hubby helped me and thinks that 2x4 is plenty. Is he right? It fits perfectly in the space I want as a 2x4, and if we went for a 2x5 I would need to go get another box of cubes at $30 plus. So, what do you think? I also really want to order a piggy bed spread!
If you refer to the home page of this site 2X3 is the minimum for one pig, and 2X4 I is the minimum for 2 pigs. Bigger is always better, but the great thing about C&C is that expanding and redesigning are easy and can take place anytime!
I am in Canada too and have priced out everything. Here you go:

Coroplast you can buy at Rona (ask them for gurrugated plastic sheets - coroplast is only one brand)

Grids you can also buy at Rona. I saw white grids with the connectors included

Zip ties and tape - can buy at Rona too or any hardware store

Bedding: Fleece at fabric or dollar stores ($10.00 max.) and Uhaul blankets ($8.00 each)

Hope that helps!
Betty, you should be able to find corrugated plastic cheaper than $39 a sheet. It's only about $14-$15 a sheet in the US, sometimes as much as $20, but that's too high. British Columbia has FastSigns, and they're usually pretty reasonable.
I was told $25 for a full sheet from Rona, or I can go to a sign company and pay $20, or get it used for free from a friend. I think I am going to get it from my friend (although I can't get it right away cause he is in Florida) and use for a litter box in the loft, and I am also going to buy the $20 sheet tonight so that I can move my piggy into her cage ASAP!
Call this place. You should be able to get a 4x8 ft sheet for $10 - $15.
(broken link removed)
Thanks. It is a little too far from me though to save $5. I think I will just go to the one around the corner if they are open tonight.
Well, I went to puck up the coroplast, and to my belief he gave me two full sheets for FREE!!! YAY! They have some printing on one side, but who cares since I am going to cover it up anyways!
WOW.....Cool for you! What an awesome deal you got. Wish I could find a deal like that around here. I have been checking around and couldn't find a place close that sells it and so I posted on facebook today and sure enough somebody told me who to contact. I did contact this person and he told me 22 dollars a sheet. He only has white yellow and red so the colors are limited. However it is close so now I just have to see where to pick it up and when I can go.
Well, I went to puck up the coroplast, and to my belief he gave me two full sheets for FREE!!! YAY! They have some printing on one side, but who cares since I am going to cover it up anyways!

Free is ALWAYS the BEST!!! Congrats on the great find. You will have to post pictures once you get everything put together.
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