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Fleece Help, Guinea pig going under the fleece


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May 9, 2012
Hi, soo lately i been having this problem with my guinea pigs. They seem to find a way to go under the fleece and when they go under they poo and pee so makes the towels wet and i have to change it. Are there any ways to make them stop going under the fleece??
I wrap my fleece up and over my coro walls and clip it in place with binder clips. This way my pigs can't dig under the fleece or chew on the coro walls. I only have 2 inch walls, and by the time I fill the cage with towels and fleece there is barely any wall left. It makes it so much easier for tucking the fleece in.

ETA: Sorry for repeating! I was typing when the person above me was posting!
yeah i watch them. Even though the gaps are small they try to fit their heads and voila! there in! but ill put more binder clips and see how it goes. thanks for help!
Instead of binder clips, I use jumbo paper clips. A box of 100 is dirt cheap and will cover a lot of ground. Also, some people use poster frames to create a solid barrier.
My girls like to burrow too.. I sewed the fleece to go over and fit snug.. [GuineaPigCages.com] Help, Guinea pig going under the fleece if you want to know how.. I can help :)
Mine are burrowing too. I think they believe they are groundhogs!

I am going to get them a tunnel or two, maybe that will take care of their tunneling need. I've got darn binder clips every like 4 inches!
yeah I found out how they go under the fleece. One of them bites the fleece and drags it down.
I used to have this problem as well, my pigs grew out of it in a way. My solution was clips as well, and it also didn't work too well. What I eventually did was switch to start tucking the fleece under the towels so there was no fleece on the coroplast sides. They would try to pull it up, only to find coroplast and lose interest. It's worth a shot at least :)

I think the piggies burrow to feel safe and secure, so you should also look into cuddle sacks, and cozy cups, things they can hide inside that will make them feel safer. Now they never try to dig under in their cage, but one still tries during floor time if I don't put enough hideys down.
I am getting my first guinea pigs tomorrow and am definitely going with fleece. I too am wondering how to secure it once I put everything down. This is a great picture, but I don't understand what you sewed? How do you clean the fleece, put stuff under it, etc...? :) Thanks!
Nice to know we aren't the only ones with this problem! I had just changed over to fleece/uhaul/puppy pads set-up yesterday to surprise my daughter. The fleece I bought (a yard) was much longer than I anticipated but not quite wide enough to go over the sides. (i had thought we had a 2x 4 cage, but really its a 2x 3 heh). When hubby and I got back from date night, I went to check on the piggies and I couldn't find them! I panicked for a moment and then noticed one end wasn't tucked in anymore and saw 2 little bumps wiggling in the corner!

They had made themselves a little hidey piggie tent :)

I will work on the bedding again tomorrow after church, I am determined to get this figured out for my sanity and the boys' happiness.

I might make another trip to the fabric store (Jo Ann's had fleece on sale for $5 ish a yard) and try to figure out how to make a stand alone teepee for them since they like to hide.
You guys are doing it all wrong!!!

I use VELCRO !!!!

It works perfect and it's washable use as many as you need it's worth it, cut them in to smaller peices and spread them out I put to on each corner of my 2x4 and I put 4 on both of the longer sides.
I love the velcro idea! I will try that, thanks :)
My girls like to burrow too.. I sewed the fleece to go over and fit snug..View attachment 27244 if you want to know how.. I can help :)

I would love to know how you sewed work liners with sides that fit nice and tight. Do you have a pattern or something that might help me? Better yet, you want me to send you my fleece and let you do it for me? Lol
You towels are supposed to get wet, they are there to absorb the urine from the pigs.
Anyhow, here is the link to make a fleece liner https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/71625/

Adding more binder clips can help as well. I've also found out from experience that making sure the fleece is very flat and smooth can help reduce fleece burrowing. But some pigs find it to be enjoyable so they go to great lengths. Have you tried putting a piece of fleece ontop your fleece bedding for them to "burrow" under?
Have you tried putting a piece of fleece ontop your fleece bedding for them to "burrow" under?

Thats what I had to do. I just cut a piece of fleece (about two grids long and wide) and put it on top of my "bedding" fleece. My girls love it!
Give the pigs what they are asking for in a place that is also suitable for you is my advice... they are telling you they have need to get under an area that is soft and snug. It won't be as easy for you to see them of course but they will end up feeling better for it. Mine burrowed until I got the idea to give them a place to burrow under a slung blanket now they don't try to burrow. They choose the allocated snug burrowing spot.
The only way I solved the burrowing problem was to simply get fleece that went up over the sides. I binder clip it into place at the 'burrowing hot spots' and it keeps them out pretty well.
I would love to do them for you :)
When I had a pig the went under the fleece I used bricks. I have use tunnels and other bedding like that and have never had an issue since (and no longer use bricks). Sacks, tunnels and anything they can do into seems to help my herd big time. I've never used the sides like Peeweespiggypalace but I know a few people who have made liners like that and swear by them. They seem easy enough to make too.
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