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General HELP? Guinea pig cage boring?


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May 9, 2012
Hi, sooo my cage seems to be a little bit dull. I try to move things around to make it look interesting but my guinea pigs seem bored. I give them floor time when I come back from school. In my cage i have a stool, A hay rack, a heart shaped pillow, a tunnel made out of ice cream containers, and a stuffed animal. Ill try to post a picture later thanks :) btw my bedding is fleece
you should add a fleece forest :) Mine LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I also put their hay in a coffee can that they roll around the cage.
Everyday when I clean I move things around. Mostly boxes, blankets, food dish and hay container. I make different levels from cardboard boxes and cover each with a towel. I make different kinds of tunnels from 4" PVC Pipe. They seem to enjoy having to explore the new surrounds. Maybe it's just me. :rolleyes:
My guinea pigs seem to like it when I put hay in toilet paper rolls with a little piece of carrot or lettuce in it. It is fun to watch them roll it around and tug at the hay to get to the treat.
(broken link removed)- do i need grids for that??

[GuineaPigCages.com] HELP? Guinea pig cage boring?

[GuineaPigCages.com] HELP? Guinea pig cage boring?

its a 2 x 4 cage
I have a couple tunnels, 2 pigloos, a waffle blocks house, two cozy sacks, and a stool for my pigs. I only put a pigloo and like 2 or 3 other things at a time and rearrange the layout every night. They don't seem to get too bored. I think tunnels and things to chew are priority for piggies :)
@Gerawrdcim Wow, how high are your walls? The recommended wall height is 6 inches. Higher walls can pose ventilation issues, that's why we use grids.
@MissJean I made PiggiePigPigs latest cage the one without any grids just coroplast. I cant find any Grids here where I Live. Always Out Of Stock :p they are placed on a bookshelf but ill cut half the coroplast sides.
I honestly don't agree with a lot of what PiggiePigPigs says @Gerawrdcim.Especially where her diet advice is concerned. You can use wire shelving and other alternatives. There's pictures in the gallery for inspiration. If you made the cage you have larger, that might lesson the ventilation issues. Every ammonia test I've seen is only for use in water, so it's hard to say what is safe sometimes.
I too would like to recommend finding a way to improve ventilation. Those solid walls will not allow as good of air flow as if you used grids.

In my cage for two pigs I have two huts from Jens Custom Crafts, a tunnel made by me, a bed made by me, a soft pad made by me (the pigs sleep on it), and plenty of hay. Guinea pigs, in my experience, seem to prefer having a pile of hay as opposed to having it contained in a rack. They can lay in it, hide in it, munch it...it's so fun! :) You might consider providing hay in a pile. I don't want the hay to get on the fleece so I have a litter box (2x1 size) with some bedding in the bottom and a pile of hay on top. Guinea pigs do a lot of pooping and peeing where they eat (at least mine do!), so that could help with how much you have to clean, too. It's worth considering.

For me, the things my pigs love most are fun hiding places. These are all the places I like:
Cassandra's Cuddle-Wee Things - Home(broken link removed)
Small Animal Accessories and Quality Handknits by CobbCabinCrafts

I would also check out this page for ideas for toys: Guinea Pig Toys and Play.

https://www.etsy.com/shop/CobbCabinCrafts?ref=seller_infoHope this helps!
@MissJean is chicken wire okay? is it okay if I made one side shorter than the other?

@sdpiggylvr thanks for the links! could a coroplast box work as a litter??

sorry if im asking too many questions :p but bare with me :)
Definitely! That's what I use for my litter box!
okay cause i have extra coroplast. how should i layer it? Fleece or bedding??
I have a 2 x 4 C&C cage. Along the back wall I have a 10" x 56" coroplast tray loaded with hay. That is by far the best entertainment for a piggy. Piggy's need to forage. I see so many beautiful cages on this site, very pleasing to the human eye, but not really designed with guinea pig behaviour in mind. Guinea pigs like to root in, dig, fling, sleep, poop and pee in hay. I feel very sorry for a guinea pig that has to pull out hay piece by piece from a rack. I use fleece in the rest of the cage and my girls do get some hay on the fleece, but oh well. They get to show their pigginess.
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