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Pellets HELP! CP Diet is not produced anymore...


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Jul 19, 2009
So several years ago, I asked Ly about which pellet that acceptable as guinea pig food because Oxbow is very rare in Indonesia. And Ly told me to use CP Diet 086 because it's safer than any other pellets that I found (this thread : https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet-nutrition/46227-vitakraft-vita-verde-hay.html). And after that, everytime I found new guinea pig food, I always ask here just in case I can found the better one, but it seems like CP Diet 086 is still the best ones.

Lately, there's rumor that CP Diet is not produced anymore, and to make sure, I contacted Perfect Companion that made CP Diet via email, and he said it's true that CP Diet is not produced anymore, but it's only labelled with different name : Nova Rabbit Food. He said that both pellets still contains same ingredients. But when I checked, Nova's ingredient's are so much different with CP Diet. Here's the ingredients for Nova :
HELP! CP Diet is not produced anymore...

And here's the ingredients for CP Diet :​

HELP! CP Diet is not produced anymore...

I already asked why Nova and CP Diet ingredients are different, and he said :
"We would like to confirm to you that our food in Nova is the same with CP Diet 086. However, the reason that the nutrition value and ingredients is quiet different from each other, because Brand Nova have sold in many countries and we have to break down the ingredient and nutrition to fit with the regulation of individual country, also update ingredient and nutrition value."

I don't quite understand why he keep saying that both pellets are same. But, I'm not sure if I can use it anymore because in Nova there are BHA/BHT, sodium bisulfate (I'm not sure if it's the same with sodium metabisulfate), and I'm not sure which are other ingredients that safe for my pigs.

I already asked for another product's ingredients (SmartHeart for Rodents and SmartHeart for Hamster) because I see guinea pig picture in the cover, just in case they have better ingredients. But there's no reply from him anymore.

So now, I'm confused which product should I use. Oxbow's already available in my country, but not all guinea pig owners are able to buy them because the price is soooo expensive. The price is Rp. 172,000 or $18.92 USD for 2.25 kg pack and Rp. 285,000 or $31.35 USD for 4.5 kg pack. Just as comparison : people who have enough money in here only spend $ 2.2 USD/meal, while the others can only spend $ 1.1 USD/meal. So, I don't think asked them all to change their guinea pig food into oxbow is a wise option.

Is Nova pellet still acceptable? Is there any other pellets that I can give? Maybe you can check my threads about others guinea pig food's ingredients to help me solve this problem :
https://www.guineapigcages.com/foru...itakraft-emotion-beauty-guinea-pigs-good.html (still unavailable)
https://www.guineapigcages.com/foru...eme-diet-guinea-pig-c-p-diet-086-rodents.htmlThere are another guinea pig foods, but all of them contains seeds so I don't put it here. I'm really looking forward for your help..

Can you get any Purina products in Indonesia? Purina maks a plain pellet called Mazuri. It is also an acceptable pellet.
Unfortunately, Mazuri is not available in Indonesia :sad:
That is to bad. I do not know how to compare ingredients of the brands you are showing. So I can not help you with this. Hopefully one of the other mods or LY&pigs could help you. You could send Ly a private message and see if she could help you.
I already send PM to @Ly&Pigs, I hope she will reply soon...

By the way, just in the worst case if none of those pellets are acceptable, should we go with non-pellet diet? I'm not sure how it will affect our pigs, but I'm also not sure which one is better : non-pellet diet or diet with pellets, even if it's bad pellets.
Hi, Fridzalone. I think those pellets are about the same. It just looks like Nova has a more complete breakdown of the ingredients, while the CP Diet lumped it all into "vitamins and minerals."

Sodium bisulfate is not particularly worrisome -- it's found in lots of processed foods that humans eat. BHA and BHT are preservatives that (mainly) keep fats from going rancid. There was some controversy years ago about BHT about hyperactivity in children, but I don't know that anything was ever proved. I think they're both still used, but you don't always see them on the ingredients list. If you're making a product, and you dump BHA/BHT in it, you have to list it. But if they're in other stuff that you're adding to your product, you don't. So we, and our guinea pigs, may be eating more of it than we know.
@bpatters so, do you mean it's still safe for our piggies or otherwise (it was dangerous and still dangerous)? I read in GL that BHA and BHT is one ingredient that we should avoid, but I don't know how bad it will affect guinea pigs.
I think they've just probably always been there. Almost any edible product, whether for humans or animals, that is kept on a shelf has preservatives in it.

You can find tons of popular media articles that say they cause cancer, or hyperactivity in kids, or whatever, but I don't see much in the way of scientific research that says they are either safe or harmful. Probably the safest thing to do would be to avoid them if possible, but your guess is as good as mine as to whether that's really necessary.
Thanks bpatters, I consider to giving it for our pigs. Maybe just keep it as minimum as possible. :)
I hate to bump an old(ish) thread, but I agree: the product is the same.

Due to changes in regulations (and diets), companies now refrain from listing "vitamins and minerals" in their ingredients. They have to break a down. This has happened a lot in human food too. Companies used to list "natural flavoring" as an ingredient and then it turned out some of that flavouring was beef. Vegetarians were pissed to say the least. So yeah, companies across the board are trying to be more forthcoming with their ingredients.

Everything listed on the new bag is either a vitamin, mineral, or preservative and it was likely in the old bag. I would continue feeding the pellet to my guinea pigs. :)
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