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help? ! babies -when do i have to help?


Cavy Slave
Jan 24, 2012
So Myla gave birth to 3 however they are hard to see Myla didn't clean them very good and one is very still shes pretty much avoiding them When should i look closer and see whats up therer is a good bit of "baby mess" left so i'll have to clean up the cage at least a little Also Myla lives in a 3 by 8 with Rosie who has 3 2 week old babies, (sigh) they both came to me pregnate. Anyways i separated the older babies cause i thought they were bugging Myla then i thought maybe Rosie would help with the newborns but that didnt last and Rosie wasnt helpful so shes with her own babys now. So would it be better keep Myla separated with just her babys. She & Rosie just exist in the same cage they dont seem to have a huge bond So would the peace be better for her to bond with the babys?
Sorry Jenn about the chat thing and how I left, there was a problem with my computer and it turned off. anyways, yes keep myla and her babies in the cage for 3 weeks, feed them and care for them extra! and another thing if they are already 3 weeks old then you have to seperate the males or they will get myla pregnant again and you dont want that!
Check the one that's very still -- it may be stillborn and needs to be removed.

How long has it been since they were born?

As long as nobody is getting hurt and the cage is big enough for all of them, leave them all together. You can clean the cage at any time, and there's probably nothing you need to do to help but feed them!
well i checked them and the birth sac was still on 2 of them one was pretty much all cleaned off the one that was still was very cold the sac was over its head but on foot had pulled a bit so i cleaned them off got the "sac" off warmed up the cold one and i think all 3 are ok. Is this a sign that she wont take care of them ? im gonna cleanthe cage and let the others back in & i guess wait and see how offen should i weigh the new babys to see if they are growing?
Glad they seem to be doing well. Sometimes the moms don't get the sacs cleaned off.

It's not a sign that she won't take care of them. Sometimes the next pup comes so quickly that she doesn't get the first cleaned off. Or has difficulty delivering the second because it's larger.

Just watch carefully when you put them all back together. It should be fine, but it never hurts to be careful.
Are they all back together now?
they are all back together now and I am almost positive Rosie - the mom of the two week olds has let the newborns nurse. Myla is still staying away but now they are wandering around they are finding her. She has licked them a little but then they run away and she doesn't really bother going after them. I checked the baby's weight one is 93 grams another is 107 grams and the big one that i had to clean off almost completely is 123 grams they are doing good nibbling on alfalfa and were interested in veggies so maybe Myla will come around
Just a word of warning. The babies may lose a few grams the first day or so, but then they should start picking up weight. If they lose a lot in the first two days, or if they don't start gaining by the third day, then post again and we'll re-evaluate.
So everything is going great mom has come around and feeds her baby's now and shes much nicer to Rosies baby's too. So now Ihave 9 happy guinea pigs. wow.
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