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help anyone from Houston TX


Cavy Slave
Aug 26, 2011
Is anyone from Houston and could help me find cheap supplies like cubes I bought coronary from reec I think that what it called its was 13 dollars for a 4' x8' but would like to find cheap cubes
Hi, gizmo, I'm from Houston, and I wish I could tell you that you can find cheap cubes here, but I can't guarantee it.

You've got a couple of possibilities: 1) Bed, Bath and Beyond here carries them this time of year when all the college students are going back to school, and may still have some left. 2) Walmart, and maybe Target, list them in their online catalogs, and provide free shipping to the store. You have to pick them up at the store.

When I was looking a couple of years ago, I gave up on the cubes and bought closet shelving at Lowe's or Home Depot -- don't remember which. It wasn't any more expensive than the cubes, but you don't have the flexibility of changing your cage around like you do with cubes. You pretty much have to plan it out like you want it before you even start. Shelving is, however, sturdier than cubes, so if you want to make multiple levels, or have other animals to keep out of the cage, it's a good choice.

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The space in between the wires are not to big I bought the cubes from target and half the squares have small holes and half are really big
If the target grids you bought are 8x8 across, then the space are too big. Those are the ones that piggies get their heads stuck. The correct size is 9x9 across (1.5 inch gap)
Gizmo, you can use the cubes with 9x9 grids for cage walls, and the 8x8 or fewer for a stand or overlap them so that the spaces are smaller.

Those that are "really big" may not keep your guinea pigs, and they may also get stuck in them. How old are your pigs?
They are still young like 2 months old but I was asking about the closet shelfs is that spacing small or large
Sorry, I misunderstood. The closet shelving is fine -- no adjustments needed for guinea pigs of any age.

If you know the measurements for your cage, the helpful folks at Lowe's or Home Depot will cut them to length for you. Cutting them is easier with large bolt cutters -- I've got small cutters at home, and they work, but with a LOT of effort on my part.

Also, the shelving comes in different lengths, and the longer it is, the cheaper it is by the foot. So if you need two six foot pieces, cutting one twelve-foot length in half may be cheaper than buying two six foot lengths. Easier to carry home, too.
Thanks I have so many ???? But trying to take it one at a time but now with all of y'all help get to scratch one off my list
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