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Aggression HELP!!?? Aggressive/Strange Behavior


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Dec 16, 2011
I am at a loss about what to do about my piggies Momo & Miya.:?: They have been together since birth and got along up until about 2 yrs of age. Momo BITES and abuses Miya, but I think it's because there is something wrong with Miya. One day, Miya who is 4" inches tall was running FRANTICALLY around her cage and built up so much momentum that she leaped/flipped out of her cage w. 18" inch walls:eek:. TRUE STORY, I am not a troll. She makes weird noises from time to time and acts bipolar (one day friendly, one day extremely scared) I think Momo reacted to her strange behavior because Momo is sweet & loving to me:heart: but has a dominant personality. Should I get another pig to keep Momo company, because I think Miya might hurt it because she is unpredictable. Should I force Momo & Miya's interaction because gp's are supposed to be happier when together. HELP???:sad:
When miya flipped out of her cage; did you take her to the vet to ensure there was any internal wounds or anything *just to be on the safe side*. and when you say bites and abuses Miya is their blood drawn, or just tufts of hair? PLease if you can provide as much details of aggressiveness as possible so others can help you out here :)
A little more background would be helpfull, when did miya "flip/fall" out of the cage? Seems to be odd you didn't post that when it happened as you have been on the forum since 12/16/2011.

18" seems like a very high jump for a piggy, I have seen my 1 year old leap down a ramp about 8" but the best she does popcorning is 2-3" at best.

Just curious as you seem to have brought this up in chat just this morning around the time you posted this. In two out of your present 3 posts you say 'I am not a troll' and I wonder why that would even come up as no one had accused you of such?

So a timeline would help, including any changes to your cage, food or enviroment.
How often did the aggressive behavior occur? She might be in heat.
If the behavior is constantly occurring, she could have other issues like ovarian cyst.

How big is their cage? You mentioned the height, what's the width and length?

Read through this page, it describe normal dominance behavior towards the bottom of the page.
Guinea Pigs Social Life

Was the pig seen by a vet after the fall?
This is the first time i have ever used the website, even though I have signed up in 2011. I said i am not a trol b/c its such a ridiculous story lol!! I didnt think about posting when it happened b/c i was too busy. Well she flipped out of the cage about a month ago and she has been acting strange ever since... making wierd noises and such. Thank god she was ok, she was not hurt because she has not been limping and has been running around :) Momo has not drawn blood just fur. I want to know if I should put them together again because they will b happier this way.
any chance she had a head injury and that's caused a change in personality?
I dont think so... she has always been strange but that incident struck me. I have had guinea pigs before & none of them acted like that.. :?:I thought guinea pigs were docile up until I got these two. When they were babies they looked healthy and fine. Their cages are about 3ft long and 11/2 ft wide. It seems as if Miya doesent love me as much as Momo does. Momo comes when I call her, snuggles up to me, and gets on her hind legs when Im about to pick her up. Miya cannot relax/sleep on my lap and all my other guinea pigs did.. :sad:how do I get that bond between us??
how do I get that bond between us??
Time and patience. Lots of both. And sometimes, some pigs stay shy for life, but you won't know until you try. Good luck
Thanks everyone! for your advice!! If anyone has any more tips for me i would be glad to hear them! :)
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