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Hellpp , Guinea is sick


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May 22, 2012
So i Have 2 Guinea Pigs A Male Named Rusko & Female Named Sophie :) Ive Noticed Some Changes In Sophie. She Has Had Diarrea For about Two Days. they Have a C&c Cage As There Oitside Cage I recently made this past saturday. & she ate grass. that same night I noticed she has has diarrea. & has a White yellowish discharge & not really eating or drinking. I have been giving them carrots & lettuce I was thinking also it could have been the lettuce. But somebody please help .:sick:
What kind of lettece did you feed? If by chance it was iceberg, it can cause diarrea.
Also do you know if the grass was treated for any insectisides?
I think it was , but not sure. & no the grass Wass not treated
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Was there any other changes to her diet, such as new pellets? Could she have eaten too much grass. It takes awhile for their system to get use to it and should be introduced slowly. Too many veggies can give loose stools. Is it a discharge or maybe calcium deposits in the urine?
Yes ,I had been giving them a gerty Food But they didnt really eat it so i changed to pellets. So about how much veggies & fruits am i supposed To give them & what Kinds. & Its probably a calciuim desposit. But not sure.
Leafy greens are best. Red and green leaf lettuce are good. Romaine is also a good choice, though higher in calcium. Avoid iceberg lettuce. A baby carrot every other day or so is also fine. Avoid cabbage and broccoli.
Guineapiglovr, Do not give them iceberg lettece. It is all water and no nutrition. You can give any other type of lettece. Romaine, red leaf, green leaf, ect. They need a cup of veggies a day per pig. There is a great food chart in the diet/nutrition thread. It gives all info as to how much and how often.
A great starter is: lettece, small carrot, peppers (they can have any color. red does have more sugar in them). cilantro. these can be given daily.
Parsley, kale, swiss chard, mustard greens can be given every other day. They are higher in calcium. Fruits can be given several times a week.

They need a good plain pellet no seeds or colored bits in the mix. How old are your pigs? A timothy based pellet if over six months. An alfalfa based pellet if under 6 months.
Unlimited grass hay daily.

Is your pig still not eatingor drinking? If your pig is still not eating or drinking she needs to be taken to an exotic vet ASAP. Pigs that are sick can go down hill very quickly. If you need to hand feed your pig. Water down pellets into a mash and feed her. You can give water thru a syringe.
Please keep us posted.

My Male Is 9 Months & Female Is 7Wks .
She Isnt Eating Food Just Hay & Drinking A Little .
Please separate your male and female. Breeding guinea pigs is a risky business, and a lot of sows and pups die during birth. If your female is ill, it's especially dangerous to let her get pregnant.

She has to eat in order to live -- guinea pigs who stop eating can die very quickly. Stop feeding her vegetables until her diarrhea has stopped, but make sure she has plenty of pellets and hay. If necessary, soak her pellets in water until you've got a mush and then hand feed her. See www.guinealynx.info/handfeeding.html for instructions on how to do that.
Well When iWoke Up This Morning Her Poop Was Normal So Im just going to Be Checking On Her
So They Need To Be Seperated All the Time , Or Just Temperary. & When iWoke Up this Morning Her Poop Was Regular so Hopefully She Is getting Better. & Eating Alot Of Hay. couuld It Aldo be that she is eating timothy when she is 7 wks ?
Timothy hay is fine -- in fact, that's what they're both supposed to be eating. The baby in particular needs alfalfa pellets.

No, they need to be separated all the time. It's because you've got a male and a female, not because one of them is sick. PLEASE do that before that baby gets pregnant, if she isn't already.

Seven weeks is WAAAAYYY too young for a guinea pig female to be bred, although she can get pregnant at about four weeks.

Also, guinea pigs are prone to a number of genetic problems, and breeding without knowing the history of your guinea pigs and without knowing exactly what you are doing can result in pups being born deaf, toothless, deformed, or with a painful bone and joint disease. There are thousands of guinea pigs in shelters and rescues -- please don't add to the overpopulation by breeding your pigs.
So breeding is Bad ?
So breeding is Bad ?
Yes, breeding is bad. Please reread @bpatters post carefully.
The issue boils down to these points:
1) Your guinea pig could die from having babies, or the babies could die or have defects.
2) Breeding means more unwanted guinea pigs will die at shelters because you've contributed to the overpopulation. There aren't enough homes for the piggies in the world already.
When iWoke Up this Morning Her Poop Was Regular so Hopefully She Is getting Better. & Eating Alot Of Hay.

It's a good thing that her system is back to normal. It could have been the grass. Since she is so young do lot's of research on feeding.
Yes yesturday iPut them outside but I put some cardboard on the bottom & just left a little piece so if they wanted grass they can have some & her poop is normal now so I hope thats what it was .
If you're going to feed them grass, you need to start with very small amounts and then increase it a little each day. Grass can indeed cause diarrhea.
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