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Helloooo! I'm new :)


New Member
Cavy Gazer
Jun 17, 2018
Ok so hi! I'm new here!:eek:I have 2 Piggies called Sugar and Spice and a Hamster called Latte! Sugar and Spice are 1 year old brothers and Latte is 3 and a half months old. I haven't had piggies very long. Sugar and Spice are my first ones! I got them 10 months ago. I really like girly things even though all my pets are boys and will always be boys:crazy: I'm wiredly not a big fan of female piggies and hamsters. I find the males have more personality. Anyways there you go! Byeeeeee!
Welcome! I love those names you gave your guinea pigs and hamster and I'm glad you are SO excited about them! I hope to see you post some more!
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