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Jul 2, 2012
Hi everyone,

My name is Jeanie. I have 3 guinea pig sows. I rehomed one (aprox 16months old) living with a rabbit (separated them as soon as I got them home) and then purchased two sows about 3wks ago from a 'retiring' breeder to keep her company. They all get along brilliantly, however I noticed that one sow is looking a little pear-shaped... I am terrified I may have an imminent tribble population explosion on my hands....

Looking forward to getting to know some fellow piggie-lovers!
Hi f1uffy and welcome to the forums, was one of your sows housed with a boar before you got them ? The one you describe as pear shaped may well be pregnant.
Hi F1uffy! if you don't know if she was housed with a boar the best thing to do would be to watch her and mabye weigh her everyday or every week at the same time:)
Hi there,
Wow - quick replies! I don't think she was housed with boars, she was only with sows when I bought her but wha happened before that is a mystery. The lady I bought her from didn't suggest for a moment that she could be pregnant, but who knows? I'm going to email her tomorrow to ask if it's at all possible piggy is pregnant. I am not familiar with piggy girls as I have always had boars before... I might just be paranoid as a friend of mine bought 2 sows from a different breeder about 18 months ago and they were both pregnant despite the breeder denying they had been near a male!!! Is it possible maybe that this is just her shape? I noticed when stroking her that her tummy goes out making her pear shaped but it's not immediately obvious as she has very long fur. I'll weigh her tomorrow anyway as it can't hurt.... Watch this space I guess!!!!
As you say it may well just be her shape. Keeping an eye on her weight is best for now just in case.
[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello!

[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello!

[GuineaPigCages.com] Hello!

This is her (if the links worked properly!!!)
Yes to me that looks like she could be pregnant, guess we will have to see what this person you got the guinea pig from says tomorrow. There might have been a boar in the group of sows you got her from.
I agree with Guineapigs2468 she does look pregnant... Update us when you know from the person... Also cute piggy!!!
I'm a bit annoyed if she is pregnant... How irresponsible of the breeder - not to mention my poor little Bombon piggy :-(
Her belly doesn't feel firm though - quite soft (although I am being very gentle just incase)
I guess its just a waiting game and fingers crossed everything is okay! Worrying thing is that the other sow I bought was in the same 'pen' so I guess a rogue boar 'could' have got to her too?? She doesn't seem pear-shaped at all though so here's hoping!!
In the heat of my ranting, I didn't say Thank you - you must think me so rude!!! Thanks for your advice and opinions and for the warm welcome to the forum!

Bombon really is one of the cutest piggies I've homed...she has a very sweet face and her fur is just gorgeous! I guess one positive is that if she is pregnant, the babies will be STUNNING!!!
Yes at least thats one good thing, cute baby piggies to look after :D
Okay I weighed her this morning: 862g
Its just about a week later and she weighs 890g doesn't seem much of a gain to me so maybe false alarm?! ;-)
How old is this pig? There's a good chance that instead of being pregnant she has ovarian cysts.
She is about 5months old... Eeeek, cysts? I had best schedule a vets appt just in case then!!! Thanks for the heads up :-O
Just thought I would pop in to bring you all up to speed... No cysts, deffo preggers... Put on
40+grams A week for the past few weeks! Not sure when she is due but vet saiid to be on alert mid/late august into very early September! It's quite exciting really!!!
Wow... Bonbon is so pretty!! You'll have little mini-bonbons running around soon. Can't wait to see them!
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