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Cavy Slave
Jun 3, 2012
I just got Jelly Beans on the 27th for my son birthday. I want to make sure I give her the best. I have noticed that she not moving around like in the videos I watch on you tube. She 7 months old. She didn't move like this even before son drop her today. I did a full body exam and she doesn't seem to be injured at all. What should I watch out for because I read in a book that even a small fall can hurt a guinea pig. I love her to death and want to make sure she gets the best!
Keep a close eye on her. Internal injuries from a fall are very possible too! If she doesn't move or walk around like normal, something could be wrong. Make sure she is eating and drinking. If she is not doing anything, I reccomend taking her to a vet. To prevent falls, sit on the floor while holding her if possible, or at least kneel down so the fall won't be too bad. I hope everything goes well! :)
Pigs in a new place tend to hide and not move much, so the fact that she wasn't moving before today may not mean anything.

BUT, you need to protect the pig. You don't say how old your son is, but unless pig and child are very accustomed to one another and the kid knows how to handle a pig, children under about seven or eight shouldn't handle pigs unless they are seated on the floor. If your son is younger than that, then you need a locked lid on the cage that he can't open.
I didnt think to mention that, He is 7 years old. I just removed the top to her cage so it was easier for me to access it. Should I put it back? How often should she be feed? Atm I fill her feeder and refill when its empty. Is that wrong to do? Should I make her ask? Or should I time her feedings?
At seven, he's old enough to be taught how to handle the pig. But they're very skittish, usually don't like to be held, and WILL jump out of his hands/arms unless he's very careful. I always made our 7-year-old sit when she was holding the pig until I was sure she knew what she was doing.

Whether you need to put the lid back on depends on how much you trust your son and whether there are other animals in the house that might get in the cage.

She needs unlimited long strand grass hay ALL the time -- timothy, blue, orchard, meadow, brome. Keep the hayrack filled.

At seven months, I'd restrict her to no more than 1/4 cup of pellets, and cut that back to 1/8 by the time she's a year old. But you have to watch to make sure she isn't ignoring the hay and the vegetables, which are more important in the long run than the pellets.

An adult guinea pig needs a cup of vegetables per day -- your pig could probably do with 2/3 cup. Red or green leaf lettuce and bell peppers should be the staples. Read https://www.guineapigcages.com/threads/22156/ for what you can feed and how often.

I feed mine vegetables three times a day, and fill their pellet dishes once a day. They do get occasional treats throughout the day, because my husband can't bear to pass the cage without giving them something. I try to make him limit the fruit, but they get dill, a basil leaf, a cilantro sprig, or something non-sweet that we've got in the fridge.
Thanks so much for all the great advice, She is are only pet. I am very worried about her being "alone". Should I look for a friend for her? I was considering "potty training her" should i do that too? Is it difficult to do? I have a harness, she doesn't see to like it. I am thinking of not bothering with it. What are alternatives?
No harnesses. Guinea pig backs don't flex backwards the way hamster and rat backs do. So a sudden jerk by the animal or you can injure their backs very badly. It's the same reason they can't have hamster wheels or balls.

You can't potty train her, just yourself. She'll find a couple of places in the cage where she does most of her business, probably in the corners or under the hay rack. If you put litter boxes there, you'll catch most of the output.

They are social animals, and usually prefer the company of another pig, although there are a few that need to remain solitary because they're so aggressive. But that's really rare, especially for females.
Hi, this evening Jelly Beans was brought out to the family to get to know some of us. Straight right away she started licking my husband to death. Is this a sign that she missing something in her diet? Or is she really saying I like you a lot? she even "cleaned" his eyes. :love:
Your husband is braver than I am. There's no way I'd let those razor-knife teeth anywhere close to my eyes.
I may have missed it but do you have 1 or a group of pigs? When I got our 1st she came from living in a rubber made box thin to a C&C cage a made. She had Tina of room but just sat, never ran or anything. I looked hard for 2 weeks to find a mate for her but could only find makes to adopt and didn't want to create a baby factory. I finally broke down and bought one from a pet store because she was acting depressed. Ever since then I have had 2 playful pigs!!!! If you have 1 try to get 2 it makes a ton of difference.
I have one piggie atm. I am trying to find a friend for her. Atm they are selling some at ACE hardware for 25 dollars. I don't have that money on me atm to get her :( And she so cute. She looks like a panda bear. I wanted to ask another question. How long did it take you to get your piggies to venture out of their cages during floor time. I keep taking her out and placing her on the floor with her cage open but she walks back in. All the kids are asleep so there no distractions either :(. She 8 months old btw.
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